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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Our Graduates' Futures

Our graduates go on to a variety of careers. Many obtain their positions through the networks they build while in this program, such as the Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work (MPPAW) or Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Our faculty has a diverse network of contacts, which allows students to learn about possible job openings. Others go to work for the companies they interned with while in our program. Some of our students pursue doctoral degrees after graduation as well.

Future Placement

Graduates of our program go on to a variety of different careers. Many of our graduates go to work for external consulting firms such as Previsor or Accenture. Others work in internal consulting roles for companies such as Best Buy or Target. Some of our graduates choose careers in human resources as well with companies such as Coca-Cola or 3M. Occasionally, our graduates go on to doctoral programs, such as Bowling Green State University or the University of Minnesota.


Additionally, all our students are required to do a 3-month internship as part of our program curriculum. Many students choose to do their internship over the summer between their first and second years. Others choose to do their internship hours during their second year of study. Many of our students have gone to work for the companies they interned with after graduation.



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