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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Graduate Student Research

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Student Thesis Research

Class of 2014-15

Dahlke, J. (2015). Fitting flow: An analysis of the role of flow within a model of occupational stress. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Lacewell, J. (2015). The influence of perceived similarity, affect and trust on the performance of student learning groups. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Miller, C. (2015). Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Schinella, E. (2015).  Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Stockert, J. (2015). Expatriate adjustment of U. S. Military on foreign assignment: The role of personality and cultural intelligence in adjustment. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Trussell, G. (2015). Organizational trust as a moderator of the relationshipo between burnout and intentions to quit. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez


Class of 2013-2014

Carthen, T. (2014). Ethnic names, resumes, and occupational stereotypes: Will D'Money get the job? Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana 

Cradick, W. (2014). Examining the effectiveness of the after action review for online and face-to-face discussion groups. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Durand, J. (2014). An investigation into the effect of power on entrepreneurial motivations. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Davis, B. (2014). University commitment: Test of a three-component model. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Ennen, N. (2014). The influence of perceived similarity and trust on the effectiveness of student learning groups. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Hanna, R. (2014). Development and enhancement to a pilot selection battery for a university aviation program. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Hayes, A. (2014). Overseas assignments: Expatriate and spousal adjustment in the U. S. Air Force. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Knutson, R. (2014). Student assessment of professor effectiveness. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Shega, T. (2013). Using personality traits to select customer-oriented security guards. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Sokol, N. (2014). Dirty work: The effects of viewing disturbing media on military attorneys. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez


Class of 2012-2013

Aguilera-Vanderheyden, R. (2013). Selection system prediction of safety: A step toward zero accidents in South African mining. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Asuncion, K. (2013). Examining generational differences across organizational factors that relate to turnover. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Brophy, V. (2013). An investigation of online unproctored testing and cheating motivations using equity theory and theory of planned behavior. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Chatham, C. (2013). Race, gender, and leadership promotion: The moderating effect of social dominance orientation. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Colangelo, D. (2013). Distentangling individual, organization, and learning process factors that drive employee participation. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Hoang, H. (2014). The roles of social support and job meaningfulness in the disturbing media exposure - job strain relationship. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Lillegaard, J. (2013). Will get the job done? An analysis of employees' email usernames, turnover, and job performance. Advisor; Dr. Daniel Sachau

Smeltzer, S. (2013). Mobile internet testing: Applicant reactions to mobile internet testing. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Tian, T. (2013). Ethical leadership: Relevance and need for cross-cultural examinations. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Wilson, K. (2013). Development of a pilot selection system for a midwestern university aviation program. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana


Class of 2011-2012

Collini, S. (2012). Identifitying organizational factors that moderate the engagement-turnover relationship in a healthcare setting. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Dumond, J. (2012). Organizational wellness programs: Who participates and does it help?  Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Forsman, J. (2012). The creation and validation of a pilot selection system for a midwestern university aviation department. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Fursman, P. (2012). The National Survey of Student Engagement as a predictor of academic success. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Halabi, A. (2012). Perceptions of a text-based SJT versus an animated SJT. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Jaber, J. (2012). The moderating effects of work control and leisure control on the recovery-strain relationship. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Leytem, M. (2012). The role social influence has on dormitory residents' responses to fire alarms. Advisor: Dr. Emily Stark

Martin, O. (2012). The impact of culture, industry type, and job relevance on applicant reactions. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Morales, J. (2012). Someone who understands: The effects of support on law enforcement officers exposed to disturbing media. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Nishina, H. (2012). The effects of task ambiguity and individual differences on personal internet use at work. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Wedge, C. (2012). The roles of self-efficacy and self-deception in cheating on unproctored internet testing. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana


Class of 2010-2011

Abadin, H. (2011). Assessing transfer student performance. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Blackhurst, E. (2011). Should you hire An analysis of job applicants' email addresses and their scores on pre-employment assessments.  Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Diaco, J. (2011). Applicant reactions as a predictor of satisfaction and intent to stay: Evidence in a nursing sample. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Feil, J. (2012). Coping with economic stressors: Religious and non-religious strategies for managing psychological distress. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Hammoud, S. (2011). The effects of emotional labor and organizational justice on job satisfaction in a healthcare setting. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Harms, A. (2011). The dirty work of law enforcement: Emotion, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout in federal officers exposed to disturbing media. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Houlihan, S. (2011). Creation of a selection program for indigenous students in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Jungemann, K. (2011). Comparison of a ranking and rating format of the 5plus5: A personality measure. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau

Ng. P. (2011). Cultural intelligence and collective efficacy in virtual team effectivness.  Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Tseng, T. (2011). Development of an assessment center as a selection method for I/O graduate applicants. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Woodruff, P. (2011). Hiking, Haiku, or happy hour after hours: The effects of need satisfaction and proactive personality on the recovery-strain relationship. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Yong, L. (2011). Exploring the antecedents of organizational citizenship behavior in knowledge-based virtual communities. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sachau


Class of 2009-2010

Divine, B. (2010). The anguish of aiding: Secondary traumatic stress, burnout, and coping among federal law enforcement agents.  Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Garvey, E. (2010). Student psychological capital: Predictors of academic success. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Hartmann, L. (2010). Predicting cheating in unproctored personnel selection testing: An application of Rest's Four Component Model of morality and the theory of planned behavior. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Kurian, S. (2010). Examining the effects of environmental images on mood and productivity tasks. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Perez

Oleson, M. (2010.)  Gender and the resume review process: Are women at a disadvantage? Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter

Ono, M. (2010). Emotional intelligence, big five personality dimensions, and cognitive ability as predictors of criminal investigator performance. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Smith, W. (2010). Developing a situational judgment test to measure applicant integrity. Advisor: Dr. Kristie Campana

Talmage, C. (2010). How do we make web recruitment successful?: An in-depth look at source differences and the best predictors of pre-hire outcomes. Advisor: Dr. Emily Stark

Taylor, M. (2010). Creation of a new measure of organizational culture. Advisor: Dr. Dan Sachau

Wohkittel, J. (2010). Motivation as a key component of applicant withdrawal: An exploratory study using expectancy theory. Advisor: Dr. Andi Lassiter