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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Consulting Challenge

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Each year, first year students are joined by students from other universities to complete the Consulting Challenge. Students from different schools work together on teams and given a consulting project from a large Minnesota company (past companies include Medtronic, Ameriprise, 3M, & United Health Group to name a few). Students arrive at the sponsoring organization and are handed a packet that outlines a real organizational problem, and are told to come up with a solution in just over a day. Solutions are presented to an executive panel from the host company, and a panel of I-O Psychologists, who judge the proposals and declare a winner.

"This experience pushes you to your limits, and beyond. Since this experience, I have realized I am capable of more than I ever thought possible," says Ryan Riley, a member of the winning team from the 2004 competition. He continues, "I honestly don't think I would ever get an opportunity to participate in a school project of this scope anywhere else in the country."

Winning Teams:


2017 - Hosted by Medtronic

Hannah Lee (MNSU), Zuzuky Robles , Nicole Haffield (MNSU), Alexis Satterwhite (UCF)

2016 - No Event Held

2015 - Hosted by Optum Health

Ashley Thompson (UCF), Briana Wright (SCSU), Alexandria Peach (Roosevelt), Yukiko Yamasaki (MNSU)

2014 - Hosted by Patterson Companies, Inc.

Jaclyn Holt, Alex Techy, Jeff Dahlke, Michael Scheil, Joe Costa

2013 - Hosted by General Mills

Consulting challenge Winners 2013

Bill Cradick, Tracy Shega, Joe Sipe

2012 - Hosted by Ameriprise
A first place tie!

 2012 Consulting Challenge winners - Team 1

Team 1: Diana Colangelo, Brendan Ley, & Jennifer Loglia

2012 Consulting Challenge Winners - Team 2
Team 2: Chelsea Chatham, Derek Jacobs & Elizabeth Rimmer

2011 - Hosted by OptumHealth
Olivia Martin & Hitoshi Nishina

2010 - Hosted by PDI Ninth House
Jaimie Bell, Kristy Jungemann, Maja Osolnik


2009 - Hosted by Best Buy
Yee Mun Chan, Sasha Burnett, Michael Taylor

Consulting Challenge Winners 2008

2008 - Hosted by Cargill
Ashley Johnson, John Keenan, Jr., and Kasha Lashley

2007 - Hosted by Target
Jessica Gertz and Rahki Patel

2006 - Hosted by Medtronic
Michael Durando, Josh Ingalls and Sangeeta Shrestha

2005 - Hosted by 3M
Jennifer Harden, Crystal Newman and Tera Brown

2004 - Hosted by American Express
Adam Massie, Ryan Riley and Jason Hornberg

2003 - Hosted by Data Recognition Corp.
Aimee Cardwell, Kevin Meyer and Justin Yurkovich

2002 - Hosted by United Health Group
Priya Kannan, Ashley Guidroz and Anneliese Soldner

2001 - Hosted by United Health Group
Lisa Earls, Marissa Loch and Lonna Smart

2000 - Hosted by American Express
Sara Koschmeder and Andy Dybvig

1999 - Hosted by American Express
Mike Mueller, Theresa Hopke and Ghaist Touma

1998 - Hosted by Health Partners
John Congemi and Jodi Toman

1997 - Hosted by American Express
Jeff Gunderson, Lisa Barnett and John Aspenson

1996 - Hosted by American Express
Tera Hager, Teresa Kirkpatrick and Steve Netsch

1995 - Hosted by United Way
Sheri Lunsford and Patricia Naas