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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Graduate Programs

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Graduate Study in History

The Graduate Program in History at Minnesota State University, Mankato provides a foundation for advanced study and professional development that prepares individuals for careers in teaching, law, journalism, public service, museums, and business. Students develop essential career skills, such as the ability to analyze conflicting information and viewpoints, write clearly and communicate ideas, find reliable evidence for judgments about human actions and motives, and place particular events in a broader context.

Students who join our program can pursue one of three avenues related to their own career goals. Current high school or community college instructors may wish to pursue a Graduate Certificate in History. Students who are interested in applying their graduate degree toward fields in public history, law, museums, or public service may wish to pursue an M.S. in History. Students who would like to work toward a Ph.D. so that they might teach in a university setting are encouraged to pursue the M.A. in History. Please find a review of all three programs, and our current courses, in the Graduate Bulletin.

The graduate history program prepares students for many future careers, for responsibilities in a democratic society, and for the challenging ambiguities that they will encounter in life no matter what they do or where they go in the world.  The courses encourage a comparative, analytical approach to diverse cultures, historical eras, social conflicts, influential ideas, and the human experience. 

Research and Funding Support

The Department offers graduate assistantships to support its most promising graduate students. The number of assistantships varies according to funding support from the university. Students must apply for an assistantship. The faculty usually reviews and recommends assistantships in the late spring for the following year.

Students who are aged 62 or above and who are Minnesota residents may take advantage of a tremendous opportunity to enroll in our courses at exceptionally low tuition rates. See the student financial services page for more information.

Graduate Students are also eligible for [PDF] Dr. William E. Lass Student Research Grants (78 KiB). The Grants support travel, per diem expenses, as well as the purchase of supplies or materials. Research may include, but is not limited to, work toward one's Alternate Plan Paper or Thesis. Grants will be awarded twice during the academic year. Successful applicants may re-apply for a subsequent grant. For further information contact the History Department. It is recommended that applicants have their advisor review application/materials before submission.

Faculty and Resources

The Department of History’s graduate faculty of 11 professors offers courses in European, United States, Latin American, African, and Asian history. Memorial Library provides access to more than 570 full-text electronic journals.  The library has been a depository for federal documents since 1962 and of Minnesota state documents since 1958.  The M.J. Lass Center for Minnesota Studies and the Southern Minnesota Historical Center are located in the library.  Interlibrary loan service obtains books and journal articles from other libraries for MSU student and faculty research. 

Graduate Coordinator Contact Information:

Lori Lahlum
Department of History
110 Armstrong Hall 
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-389-1618