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Scholarships & Grants

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Undergraduate Scholarships & Grants

Department of History Scholarship

The Department of History is accepting applications for its annual scholarships. Two scholarships ($500 each) will be awarded to History or Social Studies (History) majors: one to a sophomore student and one to a junior student. Applicants must have earned the equivalent of 8 semester credits in History at Minnesota State University, Mankato, by the end of Fall Semester and plan to enroll in the MSU History Program the following academic year. The awards will be made on the basis of the highest GPA earned in History. In the case of a tie, the overall GPA will be considered. If necessary, the final decisions on the awards will be made through an interview process. The awards will be in the form of tuition payments for the following academic year.

[PDF] David Montgomery History Scholarship (120 KiB)

The David Montgomery History Scholarship supports one scholarship for $1000. David Montgomery (Accounting, '80), currently the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Duluth, Minnesota, is a life-long student of history. He funds this scholarship in support of students who share his passion. His scholarship is awarded to a returning student who has declared a major in History. The scholarship will be awarded to the student who has submitted the most outstanding paper composed in a History course at Minnesota State University, Mankato during the previous two semesters. This award will be in the form of a tuition payment for the following academic year.

[PDF] David Taylor Scholarship (101 KiB)

The David Taylor Scholarship Fund supports two annual scholarships of ($500 each). One scholarship will be awarded to a first year student who has declared a major in History. In addition to the Application for History Scholarship form, the student must submit an essay explaining why they chose history as their major (about 250 words). This award will be in the form of a tuition payment for Fall and Spring semesters of the following academic year. The second scholarship is given to the outstanding history major selected by the Faculty of the History Department. This award will be in the form of a cash grant. These scholarships have been established by the family and friends of Professor David Taylor in order to honor the memory of one who exemplified the highest ideals of historical scholarship and college teaching. Professor Taylor was a member of the History Department from 1969 to 1985.

Deadline for applications: March, 2018

All applications will be done online using Scholarship Finder.  The scholarship recipients will be honored during April 2018, at the History Department Honors Convocation.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Grants

 [PDF] William E. Lass Student Research Grants (78 KiB)

The Department of History is accepting applications for the William E. Lass Student Research and Writing Scholarship.  Professor Emeritus Lass taught history to Minnesota State University students for 42 years.  During his prolific career, Dr. Lass published dozens of articles and seven books.  His prodigious teaching, research, and writing enabled him to become the state’s leading expert on Minnesota history.  Dr. Lass established this research and writing fund to help students with the cost of historical research and writing, a passion he keeps alive during his retirement from teaching.

The Lass Writing and Research Grants may be used to support undergraduate and graduate student research and presentations at conferences.  Students may use their grants for travel reimbursement, per diem expenses (meals and hotels), as well as purchasing copies, supplies, or other materials.   Examples of research projects include:  the Senior Seminar paper, the Alternate Plan Paper, or the Master's Thesis as well as any other significant research project.  Grants will be awarded during the academic year and you ay apply during both semesters (regardless of whether you were awarded a grant previously).  Grants will be made throughout the year.  The minimum grant request is $100.  It is expected that students awarded scholarships will attend the spring convocation in order to be recognized for their work. 

Applications can be submitted throughout the year

[PDF] Lass Research Grant Application (29 KiB)