International Experiential Learning (6-15 credits)

The international experiential learning component consists of a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 15 credits. Wherever possible, students are encouraged to satisfy this requirement by undertaking study at a university abroad. However, under exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to satisfy the requirement through an approved internship.

In consultation with their academic advisers, students will design the international experiential learning component of their major. The proposed study abroad or internship must be approved in advance by the advisor and by other relevant university authorities prior to undertaking the courses or internships in question, and students must earn the equivalent of a grade of C or better for these credits to be counted toward the IR major.

The credits earned under this requirement may not be used to satisfy the major common core requirements, which must be fulfilled at MSU. However, they may be used to satisfy the studentŐs chosen major concentration or as major elective credits. Note that the student may not use credits from language courses to satisfy his or her major concentration or as major elective credits and that no more than 6 credits taken for POL 491 (Internship) count toward the International Relations major.

Officially registered international students are exempt from the study abroad requirement.