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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Pat Nelson

Page address:

Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement


Phone: 507-389-1207

Office: Morris Hall 204D



  • Doctorate Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University, MN 2013. Dissertation: Social network analysis model for law enforcement identification of community intelligence contacts.
  • Master’s in Public and Non-Profit Administration, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN 2001
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Law Enforcement, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN 1997

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor in the Law Enforcement Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato 2012-present.

Courses Taught:

  • Criminal Investigations – LAWE233
  • Law Enforcement Mindset I – LAWE343
  • Gangs – LAWE393
  • Terrorism and Political Violence – LAWE438/POL425/POL525
  • Minnesota Criminal Code – LAWE432
  • Federal Law Enforcement – LAWE441
  • International Response to Terrorism (Study Abroad Trip) – LAWE442/LAWE491/POL201/POL460
  • Drug Investigation – LAWE491
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Management – LAWE491
  • Public Safety Organizational Leadership – POL671
  • Public Safety Leadership Crisis Communications – POL672
  • Public Safety Leadership Laws, Ethics, and Diversity – POL673

Related Professional Experience:

  • Masa Consulting (Minnesota, USA)
  • HSEEP and Emergency Management Exercise Consultant: 2010-2015
    • Design, document, and implement full scale, table top, and functional emergency management exercises in the Twin Cities Region. Create, evaluate, and design emergency operations plans for public, private, and non-governmental entities.
  • Minneapolis Police Department (Minnesota, USA)
  • Police Sergeant (2011-2013) 
    • Supervise a patrol shift in the 1st Precinct, answer calls for service, and conduct fact checking, report approval, initial complaint investigation, and use of force reviews. Also assigned to various investigations units, including property crimes and crimes against children where duties included interviewing, interrogating, crime scene investigation, crime scene response, and case preparation.
  • Minneapolis Police Department (Minnesota, USA)
  • SWAT Crisis Negotiator (2001-2013)
    • Responded to SWAT call outs, completed regular and advanced Crisis Negotiations training, attended Negotiations conferences with NTOA; identified, designed, and conducted SWAT trainings, including full scale mock operations. 
  • Minneapolis Police Department (Minnesota, USA)
  • Police Officer (1997-2011)
    • Respond to calls for service, conduct proactive stops, attend community meetings, interact and build on community engagement.


  • Social network analysis model for law enforcement identification of community intelligence contacts.
    • Poster presented at the Academy for Criminal Justice Sciences, Dallas, Texas (2013)
  • Creating Understanding of Unified Command for Law Enforcement.
    • Presentation at the ILEETA Spring Training Conference, Chicago, Illinois. (2014)
  • Profiling as a positive intervention for managing people with mental illness in the criminal justice system. 
    • In J. Bumgartner (Ed), Profiling and Criminal Justice in America: A Reference Handbook (2nd Edition). Publisher ABC-CLIO. (2014)        
  • Community Points of Contact Identification through the use of social network analysis.
    • Presentation at American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. (2014)
  • Using Social Network Analysis to build community relations through points of contact
    • Presentation at the 2015 Stockholm Criminology Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden. (2015)
  • Using Flipped classroom design to facilitate communications and mental illness response module in law enforcement classes. 
    • Presentation at STAR Symposium, Minneapolis, MN (2016)
  • Using SoftChalk Cloud to create digital lessons for Online learners
    • Co-Presentation at STAR Symposium, Minneapolis, MN (2016)        
  • Using Flipped Design to Facilitate Communications’ Practical Application in Law Enforcement
    • Presentation at the 2016 National Social Science and Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV (2016)

Areas of Interest

  • Community Engagement and Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Communications
  • Law Enforcement Decision Making
  • Law Enforcement Teaching and Course Design
  • Public Safety Administration
  • Public Safety Ethics
  • Public Safety Leadership
  • Public Safety Organizations and Crisis
  • Terrorism