Joseph A. Kunkel III

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Department of Government
Minnesota State University-Mankato
207C Morris Hall
Mankato, MN 56001

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Germany & Austria Study Tour 2016
Spring Semester - Study Politics or German
Spring Break - Tour Germany & Austria
Vienna Austria, Nuremberg & Berlin Germany

Spring 2014 Courses

Pol 111-01 US Government

POL 111-02 US Government

POL 312 Early Modern Political Philosophy

POL 415 Recent US Political Thought

POL 201/410 Study Tour

Courses Taught

PS 111 U.S. Government

PS 473/573 Legislative Process

PS 422 / 522 Campaigns & Elections

Hon 250 Service-Learning: Election 2004

PS 410/510 Topics: Utopias

PS 414/514 Early U.S. Political Philosophy

PS 4/515 Recent U.S. Political Thought

PS 321 Democracy and Citizenship

PS 322 Public Achievement


Ph. D. 1980. University of Minnesota, Department of Political Science

M.A. 1975. University of Minnesota, Department of Political Science

B.A. 1972. University of Missouri-St. Louis. Major: Political Science.

Professional Experience

1979-present. Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato. Political Science Department.

Administrative Experience

Director, Italy or Germany Study-Tours 2002 - present.

Director. Mankato Public Achievement (a civic education project) 1997-2007

Chairperson. Department of Political Science / Law Enforcement. Mankato State University. 1988-1997.

Chairperson. Department of Government.  Minnesota State University, Mankato.  2007-2010.

Graduate Director. Department of Political Science / Law Enforcement. Mankato State University. 1983-1986.

Director. Valley Writing Project. Mankato State University. 1985-1988

Publications and Research Activity

"Public Achievement: Collaboration, Action and Civic Education. 2001." (with Johnson, Bakke and Miller), in Teaching Together: School/University Collaboration to Improve Social Studies Education. Christenson, Johnston, Norris editors. Silver Spring, Maryland. National Council for the Social Studies.

"Political Parties in Minnesota." in Hoffman, Ostrom, Williamson and Wolsborn. Perspectives on MN Government and Politics, 4th ed. 1998. Edina, MN. Burgess Publishing

"Political Parties in Minnesota." in Shrewsbury and Williams. Perspectives on MN Government and Politics, 3rd ed. 1993. Edina, MN. Burgess Publishing.

Minnesota: The State and Its Government. 2001, 1995. 2000. 2005. St. Paul, MN. The Minnesota American Legion. "Party Endorsement and Incumbency in Minnesota Legislative Nominations," Legislative Studies Quarterly, XIII, 2, May 1988.

"Nomination Reform Stalls in Minnesota," Comparative State Politics Newsletter, October 1987.

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