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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Scott Granberg-Rademacker

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Professor of Government

Scott Granberg Rademacker

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Department of Government
Office: 221c Morris Hall
Phone: 507-389-6939


PhD, Political Science: December 2002.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Dissertation: "From the School Yard to the Scrap Yard: An Analysis of Production Function Models on Public Issues."

MA, Political Science: August 1999.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Masters Thesis: "Looking Through Bifocals: Exploring the Link Between Educational Efficiency and School Systems."

BA, Political Science: May 1997.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Areas of Specialization: Public Policy, Political Theory, and American Government.


Teaching and Professional Experience

Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Full Professor.

Department of Government, 2004-Present.

University of Southern Indiana.  Assistant Professor.

Department of Philosophy and Political Science, 2003-2004.

University of Northern Iowa. Visiting Assistant Professor.

Department of Political Science, 2002-2003.

Pre-Law Advisor, 2005-2009.

Graduate Director, 2006-present.

Peer Reviewer for the following publications:

Current Issues in Education. 2004 - present.

Journal of Politics. 2003 - present.

State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 2005 - present.

Politics and Policy. 2002 - present




  • “Superdelegate Decision Making During the 2008 Primaries.” Politics and Policy. 40, 4 (2012): 680-703. Co-Authors: Christopher Galdieri and Kevin Parsneau.


  • “Resources, Standards, and Expectations: What Crime Laboratories Tell Us About Productivity in Public Agencies.” Public Administration and Management. 16, 1 (2011): 75-94. Co-Author: Jeff Bumgarner.


  • “An Algorithm for Converting Ordinal Scale Measurement Data to Interval/Ratio Scale.” Educational and Psychological Measurement. 70 (February 2010): 74-90.


  • “Robert Kennedy: The Enforcer Within.” Chapter in Icons in Crime Fighting. 2008. Westport, CT: Greenwood.


  • “A Comparison of Three Approaches to Handling Incomplete State-Level Data.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 7, 3 (Fall 2007): 325-338.


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  • “Do School Violence Policies Matter? An Empirical Analysis of Four Approaches to Reduce School Violence.” Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. 4, 1: 3-29 (Spring 2007). Co-Authors: Jeff Bumgarner & Avra Johnson.


  • “Money Only Matters If You Want It To? Exposing the Normative Implications of Empirical Research.” Political Research Quarterly. 56, 2 (June 2003): 223-232. Co-Author, Kevin Smith.


  • “Data Gathering Made Easy: TPR Data Bulletins.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 3, 1 (Spring 2003): 84-89. Co-Author, Kevin Smith.


  • “Expensive Lessons: Education and the Political Economy of the American States.” Political Research Quarterly 52 (December 1999): 709-727. Co-Author: Kevin Smith.