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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Colleen Clarke

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Professor of Law Enforcement

Colleen Clarke

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Department of Government
: Morris Hall 109D
Phone: 507-389-1377
Fax: 507-389-6377


• Doctorate Degree in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto November, 2006.
Dissertation: Police Response to Anti-Terrorism Policy
Advisor: Dr. Nina Bascia

• Masters of Education granted from Central Michigan University, 1994. Post-graduate work emphasized educational theory, curriculum, methods, research, and evaluation.

• Honors BA in Political Science from Lakehead University, 1980.

• Graduated from Ontario Police College, 1978, returned for further training, qualified for certification in Levels I and II of the Police Education Program in conjunction with the University of Western Ontario.

Teaching Experience:

• Promoted to full Professor 2016

• Director, Law Enforcement Program 2010-2014

• Professor in the Law Enforcement Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2002 – present.

• Crime and Punishment LAWE 132
• Issues in Politics POL SCI 201-61
• Criminal Investigations LAWE 233 • Women In Law Enforcement LAWE 235
• Juvenile Justice Procedures LAWE 332
• Introduction to Forensic Studies LAWE 333
• Advanced Criminal Investigation LAWE 336
• Police Patrol/ Theory & Practice LAWE 431
• Response to International Terrorism LAWE 491-60
• Terrorism & Political Violence LAWE 491/ POL/425
• Race and Criminal Justice LAWE 438 –Online

• Faculty member of the Police Foundations/Law & Security Program at Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada 1986-2000

• Political Science
• Public Administration
• Community Policing
• Youth and Crime
• Criminal Law
• Criminology
• Criminal Investigative Techniques
• Business and Civil Law
• Marketing
• Human Resources.

Other Teaching/Training Experience:

• Participating in the Valley Writing Project with co-faculty from the Law Enforcement Program

• Training through the MAWP Annual Training Conference, St. Cloud Police Department, St. Cloud, Sep 21-22, 2016.

• Training through the Minnesota International Association of Identification Conference in Bloomington, MN. Sep 17, 2015.

• Continue to teach Juvenile Justice Procedures online during the summer session

• Participate in training through D2L online and instructional videos at ML 88, May, 2014

• First Aid CPR AED certified Oct 2014

• Qualitative Data, Mixed Methods Data, and How NVivo can Assist: Part 1. Oct.1/2012

• Qualitative Data, Mixed Methods Data, and How NVivo can Assist: Part 2. Nov 7/2012

• Using SPSS to Analyze Survey Data. Oct. 24/2012.

• Disney Institute Disney’s Approach to Quality Service Sep 25/2012

• Survey Construction Sep 22/11

• CDS-120 Credit Conversion Jan 21/10

• Search Process Training Oct24/07

• Attended “Designing Courses for Significant Learning” by Dee Fink & Associates. Minneapolis, May 20-22, 2011

• Yearly studies abroad, accompanying students who study International Response to Terrorism. Travels overseas include Amsterdam, England, France, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Barcelona and Rome. 2006-2010.

• Participated as a trainer in a five million-dollar contract between the Canadian International Development Agency and The Northwest Enterprise Center of Confederation College.

• Delivered training programs in communities within Ukraine and Poland. Emphasis on small business development, marketing, and train the trainer courses to potential entrepreneurs. 1996/1997.

• Taught at the regional campuses using an interactive distance education format.

• Experience teaching in the Aboriginal Business Division at Confederation College, Ontario Canada

Course Design:

• Developed an online Police Patrol/Theory and Practice Course 2016

• Revamped the online Juvenile Justice course to meet Quality Matters criteria 2016.

• Offering LAWE332 (W) Juvenile Justice as a writing intensive course 2014

• Developed an online course for LAWE 332 Juvenile Justice Procedures.

• Developed an online course centered on criminal justice models based on a variety of cultures. The course, “Race and Criminal Justice” reviews diversity and criminal justice issues in mid-western America. Emphasis is placed on perceptions of diversity and alternative programs as well as innovative prevention methods as possible solutions to crime and punishment. 2009

• Past member of the Diversity Teaching and Learning Circle. Dedicated faculty who meet to discuss readings, hear guest lecturers and offer assistance to one another. The goal is to incorporate meaningful experiences and strategies into our courses. 2007

• Continuous preparation and maintenance of courses taught in advanced criminal investigation, international terrorism, juvenile justice, patrol, women in law enforcement, introduction to forensic studies and crime and punishment.

• Previous active involvement in the continuous advancement of core courses and the development of education packages and videos for the Law and Security Program.

• The Law and Security Program was one of the first two programs to initiate distance education learning packages. Assisted in the development of Security Officers Instructional Packages sold to various agencies and educational institutes across Canada.

• Facilitated Internet courses on Effective Teaching & Training Strategies through Confederation College, Ontario, Canada.


• Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc. for book "Stealing History: Art Theft, Looting, and Other Crimes Against our Cultural Heritage", scheduling for publication in April 2017.

• Studying Police Education Abroad in the Wake of Transnational Organized Crime. National Social Science Journal, Volume 46, Number 1, 2016.

• Published manuscript in Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America. (2013) “Minneapolis” Sage Publications.

• Published manuscript in The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (2013) “Counter-Terrorism” Wiley’s Publications

• Book Review: Combating International Crime The Longer Arm of the Law. Emerald Journal: Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management 2009 Volume: 32 Issue: 2

• Anti-Terrorism and the Relationship of Police to Their Communities. Law Enforcement Executive FORUM, a peer reviewed journal. February, 2007.

• Innovation Abstracts from the University of Texas entitled Law & Security Simulations: Integrating Theory and Practice, 1994.

Research in Progress:

• The Negative Perceptions of Policing on Social Media That Creates a chasm between Police and Civilians Must Be Addressed Though Education and Policy. A collaborative project on the Aftermath of an Officer Involved Shooting: Formal Education, Continuing Education, and Responsibility. In conjunction with several MSU law enforcement colleagues.

• Presently writing a book on policing and women in America and around the world.

• Article: American Culture and Its Impact on Policing and Security in the Field of Art Related Crimes is under review with Association for Research Into Crimes Against Art (ARCA). In collaboration with student Eli Szydlo.

• Article: Bioaccumulated toxins and the adverse impacts on juvenile delinquent behavior: A Link to the Environment? In collaboration with undergraduate student Andrew Steven.

• What Happens When Cops Want to Become Moms? The findings from a quantitative study that asked female Police officers in Minnesota their options for parental leave. How their departments help or hinder female police mothers. The study reflects female officers’ perceptions of department, city or state policies on parenting and policing.

Conference Presentations:

• Roundtable discussion, Aftermath of an Officer Involved Shooting: Formal Education, Continuing Education, and Responsibility. Presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Kansas City, MO. March 23rd, 2017

• Presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Orlando, Florida with undergraduate student Eli Szydlo titled, “Policing & Security in the Field of Art Related Crimes” March 4, 2015

• Presented Studying Police Education Abroad in the Wake of Transnational Organized Crime. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Philadelphia PA. February 18-22, 2014.

• Presented Bioaccumulated toxins and adverse impacts they have on juveniles, with undergraduate student Andrew Stevens at the Mustang Conference, Las Vegas February 22, 2013.

• Presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in New York City, New York “What Happens When Cops Want to Become Moms?” 2012.

• Presented a paper titled, “Police Terrorism Policy; Disconnectedness Between Expectations and Reality” at the Canadian-United States Justice Issues Cross-Border & Global Contexts Conference, Warrensburg, MO, February 21, 2006.

• Presented a paper titled, “Policing Heightened Intelligence and Terrorism” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Chicago, Illinois, March 2005.

• Presented a paper titled, “Reluctance of Canadian Police Agencies to Respond to Studies or Questions Regarding Duties or Preparedness of Their Officers” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2004.

• Presented a paper on “Reluctance of Canadian Police Agencies to Respond to Studies or Questions Regarding Duties or Preparedness of Their Officers. on campus at a forum. 2003.

Other Conference Participation:

• Attending the Minnesota International Association of Identification Conference September 17, 2015 in Bloomington, MN.

• Attended Franklin Covey’s Diversity Leadership for Law Enforcement, MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Criminal Justice Training and Education, St. Paul, MN November 21-22, 2013.

• Attended Toward Zero Deaths Conference, November 14-15, 2013 St. Cloud, MN.

• National Social Science Association, New Orleans Professional Development Conference, October 6-8, 2013

• Attended Toward Zero Deaths Conference May, 2013 Mankato, MN.

• National Personal Trainer Information Session, Century College Feb 11/12

• The Pain Behind the Badge, presented by Clarke Paris & Tracie Paris, November 8, 2010 at Minnesota State University Mankato.

• Attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in San Diego, Calif., 2010.

• Attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Cincinnati, OH, 2008.

• Attended training by Cornerstone Advocacy Service, A Coordinated Community Response to Stalking Minneapolis, MN Feb 14, 2008.

• Attended the Southern Criminal Justice Conference in Savannah, GA September 26-28, 2007.

• Attended the Minnesota Division = International Association for Identification conference with eight students in Duluth, MN September 20-21, 2007.

• Present at training sessions to improve “Teaching Criminal Investigation” held at Century College, White Bear, MN May 22-23, 2007

• Attended the Minnesota Association of Women Police (MAWP) conference in Grand Rapids, MN April 18-20, 2007.

• Attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Seattle, WA, March 14-17, 2007.

• Attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Baltimore, MD., March 1-4, 2006.

• Attended crisis intervention training for law enforcement officers handling mental health crisis issues, Bloomington, MN, February 28, 2006.

• Attended and chaired a session at the Midwest Criminal Justice Association Conference in Chicago, September, 2006.

• Attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Boston, March 2003.

• Attended the Midwest Criminal Justice Association Conference in Chicago, September, 2003.

Areas of Interest:

• Art theft and policing policies toward art investigations both nationally and internationally

• Police departments and their response to Terrorist Policy.

• Police departments and their response to Terrorist Policy.

• Policing and terrorism connections from global, national, and state to local policing.

• Women and policing, perceptions of police agencies, parenting and policing.

• Police benefits, injury, illness, parental, and bereavement leave


• Sent a Public Safety Fire Education Survey through Qualtrics to professional firefighters and students training at Fire Fighting Colleges to determine if there is interest in baccalaureate and Masters courses.

• Peer Faculty reviewer for new faculty through the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning 2008-present

• Committee member for the Master’s graduate committee for a student in Sociology 2015

• Member of the University Student Conduct Board 2014-present

• Advisor for the Asian Pacific Student Organization a registered organization on campus. 2014-15

• Advisor for the Minnesota State University, Mankato Law Enforcement Bible Study organization. 2014-

• Participation as Director of Law Enforcement and faculty member in the Department-wide Program Review 2013/14.

• Working with Public Safety offices in Southern Minnesota and the university to work toward an integrated research and teaching facility 2013-14.

• Began working with Lake Superior College to bridge their AS degree toward a Public Safety Baccalaureate degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato 2013-present.

• Facilitated testing by the California Riverside Sheriff’s Department at Minnesota State University, Mankato, April 2013

• Committee member for the Master’s graduate committee for a student in Psychology 2013.

• Committee member for the Master’s graduate committees for students in Ethnic Studies and Public Administration.

• Past Chair of the Law and Public Policy Committee through the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) 2007-2009.

• Spoke at the Pan African Conference Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2009. On Community Policing and Terrorism.

• Advise approximately 80 law enforcement students.

• Advisor to Law Enforcement Club

• Advisor to Lambda Chi Alpha.

• Acted as a member of the Quality Assessment Panel to report to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities for a proposed Bachelor of Applied Human Service Degree-Police Studies at Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


• Full Professor Status 2016.

• Award for appreciation and support to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department April 18-20th 2013.

• Received a Woman of Courage Award 2012.

• Ten year recognition of service, Minnesota State University, Mankato

• Received a Student Advising Award through the College of Behavioral Sciences Advising Services, November, 2006.

• Received Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor in August, 2007.

University Committees:

•Member of the Expanding Regional and Global Impact Task Force December, 2016-March, 2017.

•Chair of the Hiring Committee Spring, 2017.

•Organize the Lewinski Speaking Series bringing in speakers to address the law enforcement students and community in Minnesota. The officers attending are given credit through the POST. 2013-

•Member of the Personnel committee for the Political Science/Law Enforcement Department 2014

• Member of the Curriculum Committee, reviewing courses at the Behavioral and Social Sciences College level as well as within the Department of Government. 2009-2014. Actively participated in the bulletin changes department wide from 128 to 120 credits, renaming and changing credits of courses as well as the change of Option II as a Law Enforcement Program tract.

• Search Chair, for three hires with the Hiring Committee, for the Law Enforcement Department 2012-2013

• General Education Assessment committee for Human Diversity 2009-2010.

• Search Chair, Hiring Committee, for the Law Enforcement Department 2007-2009

• Former member of the Personnel Committee and curriculum committee, for the Political Science/Law Enforcement Department

• Formerly served on the Admission Appeal Committee for Minnesota State University. Mankato, Admissions Office.

• Former member of the Space Taskforce committee for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

• Participated on the CSBS Online Learning/Distance Education Task Force.

• Past member Representing Minnesota State University, Mankato on the Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) Alternative Delivery Ad Hoc Committee.

• Sitting on the Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) Personal Safety Committee responding to personal safety issues on campus.

• Former Member of a Task Group working toward a functional structure for alternative learning and multi-campus delivery 2002.

• Past Member of College Council acting as an advisor to the president of Confederation College.

• Sat on the Confederation College retention committee identifying retention strategies to be administered in all programs.

• Past Chairperson of the retention committee in the business division at Confederation College.

Other Skills and Experience:

• Coordinator of The Police Foundations Program, 2001-2002

• Returned to the Academic Division of Police Foundations and The Law and Security Administration Program, 1999-2000.

• Coordinated the Arts Administration Program, 1998-1999.

• Qualified for the Use of Force and Arms training as required by the Solicitor General of Ontario for police personnel, 1995-96.

• Transferred to the Business and Ventures Division, September, 1996

• Certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test for personality type testing, 1995.

• Small Business Counseling Certificate, 1993 to support future student entrepreneurs.

• Participated in the design of the Native Supplement Program for Law and Security Students. The project promoted success for Aboriginal students from remote communities.

• Counseled students for personal and educational development.

• Served as a police officer with the Thunder Bay Police Department from January 1978 to June 1986.

• Experience includes general law enforcement, uniform patrol, traffic, criminal investigations, communications complaint officer and dispatch.

• Duties in the Criminal Intelligence Branch involved various investigations under the Criminal Code of Canada, Narcotic Control Act and the Food and Drug Act. 1982 – 1984.

• Assistant coordinator of the regional Crime Stoppers Program. 1985 - 1986.

• In June of 1985 achieved acting sergeant’s status and acted in this capacity with the Thunder Bay Police.

• Represented the Thunder Bay Police via the media and at various speaking engagements to business groups and educational institutions in the community of Thunder Bay.

Membership and Other Community Involvement:

• Reviewer for the National Social Science Association

• Member of PEO assisting women around the world to attain a higher education.

• Member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

• Member of The Midwest Criminal Justice Association.

• Board member for Force Science Research Center

• Member of the Minnesota Association of Women Police

• Member of the International Association for Identification

• Member of the International Police Women’s Association

• Active in fund raising for the Easter Seal Campaign.

• Past member of the Employment Equity Consultation Committee for the Thunder Bay Police. 1994 – 1996

• As a police officer I volunteered to speak to educational institutions in the community to promote policing as a career.