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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Slocum in Chicago APSA

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Chicago, Illinois: APSA 2004

In 2004 I took a second trip to Chicago, this time to attend the American Political Science Association conference.  I attended a pre-conference short course on "Teaching Political Psychology" on Wednesday, September 1.  Then, the conference itself ran from Thursday, September 2 through Sunday, September 5.  Once again I could not resist the lures of Chicago's outstanding and diverse cuisines.  I had dinner two evenings at Salpicon, which since its 1995 opening has been one of the best Mexican restaurants in Chicago, if not the entire country.  For pictures from my visits to Chicago for the 2003 and 2004 Midwest Political Science Association conferences, click here.

With Peterson

The 2004 APSA meeting was the association's 100th.  The association threw its 100th anniversary celebration in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Hilton on Thursday, September 2.  I was among the early arrivals, and so was Geoff Peterson (left), a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  The party included a lavish dessert buffet, a live jazz band, and . . . two words: open bar!

Millennium Park

Any visitor to Chicago should see Millennium Park, which just opened in the summer of 2004 in Chicago's Loop just north of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The entire park is built on a platform, below which are streets and parking garages.  The two tall columns have water pouring down their sides, and display ever-changing images of faces of prominent people from Chicago's past and present.  The two columns form the ends of a long and very shallow pool that attracts families, kids and kids at heart.  This was my first visit to Millennium Park.

The Bean

This glossy sculpture, nicknamed 'The Bean,' is also in Millennium Park; behind it are some of the skyscrapers lining Michigan Avenue.

The Great Lawn

At the center of Millennium Park is the Great Lawn, which will probably become a major venue for outdoor performances and concerts.  The futuristic-looking theater complex boasts a state of the art sound system with speakers hanging overhead.

BP Bridge

Another very striking feature of Millennium Park is the winding, snaky BP Bridge, which offers pedestrians an anxiety-free crossing of busy Columbus Drive.  The bridge doubles as a work of modern art.

With Trevor

I'm with Maggie Trevor, who was one of my two dissertation advisors at the University of Iowa.  She left Iowa two years after I graduated; this is the first time I had seen her in person in seven years.

With Brophy-Baermann

Part of the fun of attending conferences is seeing people who were contemporaries in graduate school.  Michelle Brophy-Baermann (left) was a fellow graduate student at the University of Iowa.  She is a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Tinga Pablana

This is the tinga poblana at Salpicon, my favorite Mexican restaurant.  It's a grilled pork tenderloin in a spicy roasted tomato-chipotle sauce with chorizo and potatoes, and a cool avocado-tomatillo sauce.

At Salpicon 

Andrew Dowdle (assistant professor of political science at the University of Arkansas), Tom Inglot and me dining at Salpicon on Saturday, September 4.

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