$slide[] = "A striking view of downtown Seattle and the Space Needle, as seen from atop one of the city's many high hills. June 30, 2000.[/government/images/slocumseattle/p1.jpg]"; $slide[] = "I took this picture of the Seattle skyline from atop the Space Needle (July 3, 2000).  Seattle is renowned for its cloudy weather, and my trip here certainly did nothing to dispel that impression.  I saw perhaps four hours of sunshine in four full days in Seattle.[/government/images/slocumseattle/p2.jpg]"; $slide[] = "That's me outside Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle (July 3, 2000).  I had just bought this decorative Egyptian plate from a merchant selling Middle Eastern art.  At $12.00, I thought the plate was a steal.  Behind me is the enormous open-air market with flower stands, fish and meat shops and fruit vendors that seem to stretch for miles.[/government/images/slocumseattle/p3.jpg]";