$slide[] = "Fred and Shain at the far west end of Creighton University's campus.  The old railroad tracks, which run the length of campus (east to west) suggest Omaha's onetime importance in railroad travel across the United States.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p9.jpg]"; $slide[] = "The MSU group (minus Takehito) at the opening banquet at the student convention.  Friday, March 19, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p10.jpg]"; $slide[] = "MSU students - Christi, Jessica, Shain, Takehito and Ina - at the sign at the entrance to the Creighton University campus.  We paused for this shot just as we were leaving the campus following the end of the last panel in the conference.  Saturday, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p11.jpg]"; $slide[] = "After the conference ended Saturday, we explored Omaha's Old Market district and found a rich array of restaurants, bars, shops and galleries there.  Here Takehito, Fred, Shain, Jessica and Christi are huddling up against the wind (Ina took the picture).  The wind howled throughout our stay in Omaha; on Friday it was a warm wind, but on Saturday it was a cold wind, and Sunday was colder still.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p12.jpg]"; $slide[] = "After walking around Old Market a while, we had worked up appetites.  We found our way to Ahmad's, a Persian restaurant in Old Market.  This picture shows the lively, colorful atmosphere at Ahmad's.  There also was Persian music while we ate.  The colors, sounds, smells and excellent food made this not just a meal, but a memorable dining experience.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p13.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Part of the Omaha skyline, Saturday, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p14.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Another view of the Omaha skyline, taken late Saturday afternoon and (unfortunately) looking westward into the sun as a result.  We left Omaha Sunday morning; the drive to Mankato took about 5-1/2 hours.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p15.jpg]";