$slide[] = "Left to right: MSU students Shain Bestick, Ina Acharya, Jessica McLaren and Christi Coburn by a striking sculpture and the campus chapel at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.  Friday, March 19, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p1.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Ina Acharya, presenting her paper "Democracy and Development: Comparative Case Studies."  Friday, March 19, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p2.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Jessica McLaren (left) and Christi Coburn (right), immediately after presenting their paper "Sexual Trafficking and the Problem with Respect to Tourism."  Saturday, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p3.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Takehito Kamata, presenting his paper "Russia and China: Comparing Political Cultures."  Saturday, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p4.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Shain Bestick, presenting his paper "The Impact of U.S. Military Aid to Israel Since 1967."  Saturday, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p5.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Ina and Fred just inside the three-level Old Market Passageway.  On the ground level are restaurants.  Opening off the second and third floor balconies are various arts and gift shops, many with an ethnic theme (i.e. Russian, Native American and others).[/government/images/slocumomaha/p6.jpg]"; $slide[] = "We're enjoying Persian food at Ahmad's.  Saturday evening, March 20, 2004.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p7.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Shain pausing between bites at Ahmad's.[/government/images/slocumomaha/p8.jpg]";