$slide[] = "The three student presenters and me after the Saturday morning panel on which I was a discussant.  The student on the far right was in her first year at Gustavus Adolphus College.  About six students from Gustavus attended this convention.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p7.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Joshua and Takehito at the entrance to Park University's underground complex, which comprises much of the university including the library and many classrooms.  The underground area is very extensive and includes areas now used for parking that once served as underground storage areas for weapons.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p8.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Take and Josh inside the portion of the tunnel complex now used for parking and formerly used for weapons storage.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p9.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Fred, Takehito and Josh at dinner Friday evening at Park University.  This dining area is underground, like much of the university.  On the right is Dr. Graham Ramsden, a political science professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.  Both Graham and I went to graduate school at the University of Iowa, but we did not overlap much, time-wise; he finished there while I was completing my second year.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p10.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Mackay Hall at Park University, where most of the panels were held.  This parking area serves as the 'roof' so to speak, for the McAfee Library entrance shown three photos previously.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p11.jpg]"; $slide[] = "A shot of the Kansas City skyline, taken very hurriedly, as we were not in the best neighborhood.  Saturday, March 29, 2003.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p12.jpg]"; $slide[] = "The three of us at dinner at Jerusalem's, a Middle Eastern restaurant in the Westport district of Kansas City, Saturday evening, March 29, 2003.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p13.jpg]";