$slide[] = "MSU student Takehito Kamata, presenting his paper "Strategies Against HIV/AIDS in the World."  Friday, March 28, 2003.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p1.jpg]"; $slide[] = "(Then) MSU student and (now) 2003 MSU alumnus, Josh Jackson, presenting his paper "Globalization and its Consequences in Tibet."  Saturday, March 29, 2003.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p2.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Country Club Plaza, an open-air shopping district in Kansas City, has a distinct Moorish architectural style.  This building is a characteristic example.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p3.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Fred, surrounded by more Moorish architecture in Country Club Plaza, Saturday, March 29, 2003.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p4.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Takehito and Josh on some ornamental tile steps in Kansas City's Country Club Plaza.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p5.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Takehito at a phone booth with character, in the Westport district of Kansas City.[/government/images/slocumkansascity/p6.jpg]";