$slide[] = "The Chicago skyline, photographed with my digital camera from the John G. Shedd Aquarium front steps (Friday, April 16, 2004).  The aquarium is right along the Chicago lakefront and is close to the Field Museum of Natural History and the Art Institute of Chicago.  The body of water is Lake Michigan.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p1.jpg]"; $slide[] = "On Thursday, April 15, 2004, I went running along the Chicago lakefront, with my digital camera along.  Here's the entrance to Navy Pier.  The Ferris wheel is part of an amusement park in the pier's center.  Navy Pier is a large shopping and entertainment district, with stores, restaurants and bars galore.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p2.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Another view of Chicago's skyline, this time from the farthest point of Navy Pier.  Thursday, April 15, 2004.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p3.jpg]"; $slide[] = "The Art Institute of Chicago, a world class art museum, on Michigan Avenue just a couple of blocks from the Palmer House Hilton.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p4.jpg]"; $slide[] = "This view, looking northward along Michigan Avenue, shows the 'wall' of skyscrapers that separates the concrete, steel and glass canyons just to the west of Michigan Avenue from the parkland and greener spaces to the east (toward Lake Michigan).  Chicago's city planners envisioned keeping the immediate lakefront areas parkland instead of allowing the urban cityscape to extend all the way to the lake.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p5.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Another view of the Michigan Avenue 'wall', showing some of the architectural richness of Chicago's Loop (downtown area).[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p6.jpg]"; $slide[] = "This is right outside the famous Wrigley Building (of chewing gum fame) on Michigan Avenue, looking out onto the Chicago River.  Wednesday, April 14, 2004.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p7.jpg]"; $slide[] = "The entrance to the Palmer House Hilton hotel.  During the long Chicago winter, there are heat lamps beneath that awning so hotel guests can wait outdoors for a taxi and stay warm!  This entrance is understated compared to the opulence of the hotel's main lobby (see next picture).[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p8.jpg]"; $slide[] = "This is the Palmer House Hilton lobby; the ornamented ceiling is an elegant and awesome sight.  The Palmer House (23 stories high) is the host hotel for the MPSA meeting each year.  During the MPSA convention, this lobby is usually packed with dozens of political scientists, some talking, some reading papers and almost always, some running into and greeting colleagues from other schools.  This lobby is the official 'meet and greet' place for MPSA convention participants.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p9.jpg]"; $slide[] = "I took this photo at the President's Reception at the Midwest Political Science Association convention, Friday, April 16, 2004.  The site is the Red Lacquer Room at the Palmer House Hilton.  This reception is 'open bar' and is very well attended.  Also, the Midwest's major research universities (including the universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana) each host their own 'cash bar' receptions the same afternoon and evening.  By 8 PM, when the President's Reception ends, there are plenty of political scientists who are more than ready for dinner![/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p10.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Four alumni of the University of Iowa's Ph.D. program in political science, all professors, hamming it up for the camera.  Left to right: Brian Kessel (Columbia College), Fred Slocum (Minnesota State University, Mankato), Wayne Steger (DePaul University) and J. Mark Wrighton (University of New Hampshire).  MPSA President's Reception, Friday, April 16, 2004.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p11.jpg]"; $slide[] = "At professional conferences, there are times for business - and there are times for fun!  After John Parham left MSU in December 2003, he moved to Michigan, but fortunately it did not mean we would never see him again.  From left to right are: Dina Krois, John's wife; James Andreasen, a former MSU graduate student and now a Ph.D. candidate studying political theory at Arizona State University; Fred Slocum; and John Parham.  James and I were already at Windsor's in the Palmer House Hilton when John and Dina came in, saw us and soon joined us for drinks.  Wednesday, April 14, 2004.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p12.jpg]"; $slide[] = "My dad (now deceased) and me at Everest, a stellar 5-star restaurant on the 40th floor of the Chicago Financial Center.  Dad rode the train to Chicago from Raleigh, North Carolina and we shared a room and wonderful meals together during the 2003 MPSA conference.  Dad treated me to this meal in celebration of my (then, forthcoming) tenure and promotion at MSU in May 2003.  This meal was the best I have ever had in my life.  Friday, April 4, 2003.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p13.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Another superb meal and wonderful memory of my dad.  We're at Salpicon, one of Chicago's best Mexican restaurants.  Salpicon has bright, colorful walls, decor and artwork - and wonderful margaritas, guacamole and entrees.  The menu is not Tex-Mex, but highlights cuisine from central and southern Mexico.  Many of the offerings are quite hot and spicy.  Saturday, April 5, 2003.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p14.jpg]"; $slide[] = "A view of Chicago out the window of my plane, shortly after takeoff on my return flight to Minneapolis.  Here one can really see the green parkland between the lake and the 'Michigan Avenue wall' where the skyscrapers begin.  The plane is out over Lake Michigan.  The circular area near the tip of the wing (with the white roof) is Shedd Aquarium; at the far right is Navy Pier.  The tallest (dark) building is the Sears Tower, which allows a spectacular view of its own from the observation deck near the top.  Saturday, April 17, 2004.[/government/images/slocumchicagompsa2004/p15.jpg]";