$slide[] = "This was part of our Berlin Walks tour group, July 18, 2002. We're in a Doner Kebap shop, which specializes in sandwiches with lamb, lettuce and spicy sauce, wrapped in pita bread.  Berlin has a large community of Turkish immigrants, and they have opened Doner Kebap shops around the city.  The sandwiches are a Berlin specialty.  The tour guide (front, plaid shirt) is Ethan Hollander, then a graduate student in political science at the University of California at San Diego, and then in Berlin on fellowship while writing his dissertation.  On the far right is Dr. Jack Levin, a sociologist and criminologist at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.  It was on this tour group that I made acquaintance with Dr. Levin, and he later became the 2003 Kessel Lecturer at MSU.[/government/images/slocumberlin/p4.jpg]"; $slide[] = "Here I am in Nurnberg, Germany (July 20, 2002) after the political psychology convention in Berlin has ended.  I was traveling with my brother Jeff.  The historic district of Nurnberg dates to the 16th century and is crisscrossed with canals lined with flowers.[/government/images/slocumberlin/p5.jpg]";