Pi Sigma Alpha


September 28, 2006


*In attendance: Chapter advisor (Dr. Fred Slocum); President (Melissa Andersen); Vice-president (Dave Sanchez); Secretary (Mary O’Connor); three active members.

*Melissa opened the meeting by mentioning a government job/internship fair:

            ~She will have more details at a later date

            ~The fair takes place in the Twin Cities, in the fall.

*Dave Sanchez brought forth ideas concerning the November 7th election party:

            ~Potential location: CSU lounge by the bowling alley

            ~Couches and a large TV will make for a great setting!

            ~5:00 p.m.: Watch the film, The Candidate

            ~After watching the movie, we will watch the elections

            ~Food will be offered: Pizza?!

            ~A $1-2 cover charge should be sufficient.

*Dr. Slocum spoke about the 25th annual Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter Activity Grant:

            ~Proposals can be submitted from Oct. 1-Oct. 31st

            ~Proposals have to be “snail” mailed.

            ~Projects can be academic or non-academic:

                        -Academic: Conferences; panel discussions; banquets; key-note speakers; career days/fairs; The Association of College Honor Societies (Essay on ethics or panels).

                        -Non-academic: Projects benefiting local schools/organizations.

*Dr. Slocum discussed the application process for winning a grant:

            ~Propose primary action first.

            ~Don’t propose two activities.

            ~Cooperative projects w/ other chapters are given more consideration.

            ~A chapter can win up to $2,000!!

            ~Last year, our chapter won 1,750!

*Our chapter, as a whole, came up w/ ideas for potential “grantworthy” activities:

            1. High school Civic Leadership (Visit a Political Science class and speak w/ students)

            2. Mock government/mock trial

            3. Travel to a conference at another school

            4. Attend the Political Science Undergrad Research Conference in Missouri, in the spring.

            5. Host a banquet/speaker

            6. Ethics related activity

            7. Travel to the cities: State capital, Supreme Court, “meet and greet” w/ a politician, Humphrey Institute, etc.

            8. Hold a forum/political presentation.

*Next meeting is October 12th (Thursday) from 5:00-6:00 p.m. in Morris Hall 209

*Submitted by Mary O’Connor; October 4th, 2006