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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Code of Ethics

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Masters in Public Administration (MPA) Student Code of Ethics

Goals: To learn how to serve the public and career enhancement.


1) Students will act in and outside the classroom with honesty, integrity, and respect toward faculty and other students.


2) Students will seek to foster a positive climate that carries forward into the workplace.


3) Students will strive for academic excellence and administrative competence by seeking out new experiences and knowledge, and by producing the best work they can.


4) Students will cultivate and develop a deeper commitment to public service.


5) Students will strive for innovation to contribute to the greater good.


6) Students will work to foster an inclusive environment in which all individuals can thrive.


7) Student's work products must be original in content and proper citation must be given to sources. Plagiarism is not tolerated.


8) Students will behave in accordance with the law and all university policies.


9) Students should challenge injustices and promote diversity and social justice by taking appropriate action.


10) Students will provide meaningful feedback for the improvement of program curriculum.


11) Students will not cheat or lie.


12) Students will collaborate and engage with other students, faculty, and mentors without expecting favors or special treatment in return.