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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Thinking about Geography?

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Are you thinking about becoming a Geographer?

Please check out some of the information on this page. It may help you make your decision and give you more information about what Geography is and what being a Geographer means. It is an exciting field at the cutting edge of science, addressing many of the problems we face in the world today. You may not realize it, but everyday you are confronted with and use Geography. Have you ever used GPS to get somewhere? Have you ever used Google Earth or Google Maps to figure out where you are or where something else is? Have you ever watched the news during an election to see maps of what states or counties voted for who? Have you ever used your phone to navigate through a city to avoid traffic or an accident (that your phone amazingly tells you is just ahead!)? Have you ever looked at weather maps showing temperature/weather or tried to figure out if that storm on the radar is coming your way? We could go on and on... In each of these instances you are being confronted by Geographic information - and you know how to use it! You are more of a Geographer than you realize!!!!

We hope the information on this page helps you see the opportunities for you in Geography and that Geographers have a big role to play in the modern world! If you find yourself wanting to know more please come visit us! Come to the Department Office (Morris Hall 206) and chat with the faculty. We'd love to talk to you!


So, why Geography? Why is it important? In the most simple sense, it is allowing us to understand, address and solve major problems we face in the world today! Both through a geographic perspective and the advancement of geospatial technologies, Geographers have revolutionized our understanding of our world. To learn more watch the series below entitled, "Geospatial Revolution" from Penn State Public Broadcasting. Hopefully you will see the power of Geography and the applicability of methods/technology Geographers utilize to understand our world.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Are you asking yourself, "This is interesting, am I a Geographer?" Watch the video below to learn more about people in Geography and the things Geographers do. You, too, can learn to do things like these Geographers in Minnesota State's Geography program.

Do you wonder why you haven't heard more about Geography until now? Or, how Geographers find Geography? It is a unique journey for everyone and
you are not alone!

Do you want to make a difference in the world? You can with Geography!