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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: http://sbs.mnsu.edu/geography/programs/undergraduate/earthscience.html

Earth Science 2012-2013
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Geography
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Morris Hall 206 (507) 389-2617

Earth Science studies the earth’s interrelated physical systems of atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and outer space. Foundation to earth science are the impacts of people and the interactions of chemical, physical, and biological processes at all spatial scales ranging from submicroscopic to planetary, and over time scales from the immediate to billions of years. Thus, courses in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, and physics are required to fulfill degree requirements. Majors may choose to earn the BA or BS in the broadly based program or a more focused geology “option” (BS only) is available. For secondary teacher licensure see the Science Teaching program and major.
Minimum university admission requirements are:

  • A minimum of 32 earned semester credit hours
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (“C”).

Contact the department for application procedures.

Earth Science Major
Required for major (Core, 43 credits)

AST  101 Introduction  to  Astronomy  (3)
AST  102 Introduction  to  the  Planets  (3)
BIOL 100 Our  Natural  World (4)
CHEM 201 General  Chemistry  I (5)
GEOG 101 Intro.  to  Physical  Geography   (3)
GEOG 217 Weather  (3)
GEOG 315 Geomorphology (3)
GEOG 410 Climatic  Environments (3)
GEOL 121 Physical  Geology (4)
GEOL 122 Earth  History (4)
GEOL 201 Elements  of  Mineralogy (4)
PHYS 211 Principles  of  Physics (4)

Required Elective for Major (6 Credits)
(Choose six credits from the following)

AST  125 Observational Astronomy  (3)
BIOL  432 Lake Ecology    (4)
GEOG  370 Cartographic Techniques  (4)
GEOG  373 Intro to Geog Info Systems  (4)
GEOG  412 Advanced Weather    (4)
GEOG  420 Cons. of Natural Resources   (3)
GEOG  440 Field Studies: Colorado  (3)
GEOG  440 Field Studies: Field Methods
GEOG  480 Seminar (1-4)
GEOL  330 Structural Geology    (4)
GEOL  350 Environmental Geology  (4)
GEOL  370 Geotectonics    (2)
GEOL  450 Hydrogeology    (3)

Required for Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree ONLY: language (8 Credits)

Earth Science (BS) Geology Option
Geology is the study of the Earth, its materials, and its processes. It concerns itself with solving basic scientific problems and utilizing knowledge of the Earth for the benefit of mankind. Its concerns include but are not limited to soil preservation, water production and quality, hazards mitigation, resource exploration and production, engineering of structures large and small, climate change, and the history of life on Earth and the search for life on other planets.

Required General Education (13 Credits)

CHEM 201 General Chemistry I (5)
MATH 121 Calculus  I (4)
PHYS 211 General Physics I(4)

Core Courses (23 Credits)

GEOL  121 Physical Geology    (4)
GEOL  122 Earth History    (4)
GEOL  201 Elements of Mineralogy  (4)
GEOL  302 Petrology      (4)
GEOL  320 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (4)
GEOL  330 Structural Geology    (4)

Required Elective (13) Elective must include at least two geography and at least two Geology courses

GEOG 315 Geomorphology (3)
GEOG 373 Intro to Geog Info Systems (4)
GEOG 420 Conservation of Natural Resources (3)
GEOG 471 Digital Field Mapping with GPS (4)
GEOG 474 Intro to Remote Sensing (4)
GEOL 350 Environmental Geology (4)
GEOL 401 Field Studies (1-3)
GEOL 450 Hydrogeology (3)

Required Capstone Experiences (4). Choose from (with advisor approval):

  • Senior Thesis; Credited as GEOL 499, Individual Study (1-6)
  • Geology Field Camp (provided through an accredited geology program at another college/university)
  • Successful Completion of a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
  • Earth Science (Geology) Internship (GEOG 497)

Minor Required: None

The information listed comes from the University Bulletin and any discrepancies defer to the bulletin. This document is available in alternative format to individuals with disabilities by calling Student Relations, College of Social & Behavior Science at (507) 389-6303 (V)or(800) 627-3529(MRS/TTY).  (2010)

Please Download an Electronic copy here (PDF)

Contact Information

Dr. Phillip Larson

Office: 146 Ford Hall 
Phone: 507-389-1259
Email: phillip.larson@mnsu.edu

Dr. Bryce Hoppie

Office: 146 Ford Hall 
Phone: 507-389-2315
Email: bryce.hoppie@mnsu.edu