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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Geography MS

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Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Graduate Bulletins page.


  • Thesis Plan: 30 credits
  • Alternate Plan Paper: 34 credits

Professional Track Option

Required Core and Research (6 cr)

  • GEOG 678 – Geographic Research & Writing (3)
  • GEOG 680 – Philosophy of Geography (3)

Required Electives (24-26cr)

  • Choose any 500/600 level elective courses in consultation with an advisor. 15 credits must be taken in Geography

Required Thesis or Alternate Plan Paper

  • GEOG 694 – Alternate Plan Paper or Internship (1-2)
  • GEOG 699 – Thesis (3-6)

Reminder to graduate faculty and graduate students

This note is to remind faculty and students that our graduate program has two core courses which are required for anyone who wants to receive a master's degree in geography from Minnesota State University, Mankato. These classes are GEOG 678 Geographic Research & Writing (3 credits) and GEOG 680 Philosophy of Geography (3 credits). These courses are foundational for completing a program of study. Failure to complete these two courses, comprehensive examinations and the writing of a thesis or APP will result in the denial of a geography degree from our institution. No other courses can be substituted for Geography 678 Research and Writing unless that course is approved in advance by the graduate coordinator or department chair. Such substitutions must be made based on compelling criteria and not mere convenience.

If you have any questions or other concerns please feel free to contact Forrest Wilkerson, or Ginger Schmid,