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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Bachelors of Science in Social Work (BSSW)

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The Senior Practicum (SOWK 455) and Integrative Seminar (SOWK 450) is the capstone experience of the BSSW Program. Coursework and earlier field experiences build the students' competencies and behaviors so that they are prepared to engage in what our accrediting body (CSWE) calls the "Signature Pedagogy " of social work education.

Students typically apply for their Practicum and Seminar the semester before they are in their placement. Under the supervision of a social worker, students complete at least 440 hours of field education, which is about 32 hours per week for a semester. The Practicum & Seminar are taught in the Fall and Spring semesters only; they are not available in the summer.

Students should have already worked with their advisor to design a course plan that concludes with the Practicum/Seminar/Practice IV semester so that students graduate upon completion of this package of field and coursework. Students contemplating any variation from the standard curriculum should work with their advisor and the field coordinators several semesters in advance to explore whether there is a possibility for an alternative design. Application deadlines are posted on the Important Dates page of this website and are announced in Practice II and III; deadlines occur early in the semester prior to the Practicum/Seminar/Practice IV semester.