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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Social Work Field Education

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The Department of Social Work has conceptualized field education to be the capstone experience of both the BSSW Program and MSW Program to prepare competent and effective social workers. Field education has been systematically designed to address issues of supervision, coordination, and evaluation on the basis of criteria by which students will demonstrate the achievement of CSWE competencies. It provides the student with the opportunity to be involved in an agency setting and actively engaged in practicing new skills and using new knowledge, under the supervision of an experienced social work professional.

Field education is not possible without the support of the communities, agencies and Field Instructors that open their doors for the students to be mentored. Without this support, students would not be able to participate in the most essential part of their educational journey. The journey begins when the students choose a degree in social work. This choice is usually built on the passion they possess to want to change and influence individuals, families and communities. Students bring their hearts to social work. They then develop their minds by studying social work practice theories and research. They become great problem solvers and scholars. Finally, students bring their hearts and their minds to the final step in the journey, engaging themselves if the practice of social work. Field practicum is the combination of their hearts, minds and hands. This unique journey is the foundation of field education that elevates it to be the signature pedagogy of social work education and continues to shape the next generation of professionals.

We hope that both the social work students and the community agencies will find the information provided at the website as a resource to support field education. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.