Climate for Diversity Committee

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The Diversity Committee will:

  1. Lead CSBS efforts to design a Strategic Plan on Diversity.
  2. Update the College Strategic Diversity Plan every three years to make sure it reflects the changes in the University Diversity Plan.
  3. Contribute to faculty, staff and student retention through the creation of an inclusive supportive college environment.
  4. Promote activities that support faculty, staff, students, their families and significant others to develop a sense of community.

Diversity Committee Members

  • Rhonda Dass, Anthropology
  • Vinnie Choe, Economics
  • Hanh Huy Phan  and Michael T. Fagin, Ethnic Studies
  • Nikki Engel, Gender & Women's Studies
  • Fei Yuan & Woo Jang, Geography
  • * Chris Dobratz, Government
  • Marlene Medrano, History
  • Chip Panahon, Psychology
  • Jennifer Andrashko, Social Work
  • Jeffery Dennis, Sociology & Corrections, AOS, Aging Studies, NPL
  • Jan Cherrington, Urban & Regional Studies

* represents chair