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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Appendix B

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Document: Syllabus for Required Core, Writing Intensive, Purple and Gold Courses

Document: ETHN100: American Racial Minorities

Document: ETHN101: Introduction to Ethnic and Multicultural Studies

Document: ETHN 150: Multicult/Ethn Experience

Document: ETHN201W: Perspectives on African Americans

Document: ETHN202W: Perspectives on American Indians

Document: ETHN203W: Perspectives on Asian Americans

Document: ETHN204W: Perspectives on Latinos/Hispanics

Document: ETHN220W: Civil Rights in the US

Document: ETHN400/500: Cultural Pluralism

Document: ETHN401/501: Applied Cultural Research

Document: ETHN402W/502: Ethnic Research Method/Skills

Document: ETHN 410: Foundations of Oppression