Faculty & Staff

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Kebba Darboe

Kebba Darboe

Department Chair

Office: MH 109G
Phone: 507-389-5014
Email: kebba.darboe@mnsu.edu

Area of Interests: Race & Ethnic Relations, Immigration, Social Inequality, Criminology, Political Sociology, and Research Methods.


Hanh-Huy Phan

Hanh-Huy Phan

Ethnic Studies Graduate Director

Office: MH 222J
Phone: 507-389-5276
Email: hanh-huy.phan@mnsu.edu

Area of Interests: Cultural Pluralism, Interracial/Ethnic Dating & Marriage, Women of Color, Asian American Studies, Social Problems, Social Justice in Ethnicity/Gender, Racial & Ethnic Politics, and Community Leadership Development.


Michael Fagin

Michael T. Fagin

Office: AH 010
Phone: 507-389-1126
Email: michael.fagin@mnsu.edu

Area of Interests: Impact of Institutional Racism on Cognitive Development, Social & Psychological Dynamic that Impact the Growth & Development of Multi-Racial Children/Families.


Wayne Allen

Wayne Allen

Office: MH 222M
Phone: 507-389-5013
Email: wayne.allen@mnsu.edu

Area of Interests: Native American Studies, Resource Colonialism, Shamanism, Environmental Racism & Environment Justice, Cross-Cultural Studies in Nepal & Global Perspectives.


Dalton Crayton

Dalton Crayton

Office: MH 222K
Phone: 507-389-1131
Email: dalton.crayton@mnsu.eduu

Area of Interests: Recruitment & Retention of Minority Students/Faculty & Staff, Civil Rights Movement, and African American Leadership.


 Office Supervisor


Cindy Veldhuisen

Cindy J. Veldhuisen

Office: MH 109
Phone: 507-389-2798
Email: cynthia.veldhuisen@mnsu.edu

Graduate Students

Office Location: Armstrong Hall 36

Phone: (507) 389-5458


>Andrew Nyanchoka

Andrew Nyanchoka

Baltimore, MD





Francisco Valdez





Song Yang

Song Yang





 Shoko Nakamura

Shoko Nakamura

Kochi, Japan




Tomoko Matsui

Tomoko Matsui

Tokyo, Japan




Victoria Grace Breshears

Josie Alleva

Red Wing, MN




Hamdi Elnuzahi

Hamdi Elnuzahi