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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minor in Ethnic Studies and Humanities

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The mission of this minor is to offer students an opportunity to explore the connections between ethnic experiences and cultural contexts of ethnic groups, as well as assess the values, beliefs, and ideologies of varying perspectives. This joint minor will expose students to an interdisciplinary approach to understand human culture and the contributions of Western and Non-Western cultures. All students will be encouraged to focus in-depth on culturally diverse issues in order to gain a broader perspective of their community, both locally and globally.

Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Undergraduate Catalog page.

Required General Education Cources (7 credits)

  • ETHN 100American Racial Minorities (3) OR
  • ETHN 101 Introduction to Multicultural & Ethnic Studies (3)
  • HUM 150 Western Humanities I: Beginnings through the Renaissance (4)
  • HUM 151 Western Humanities II: Renaissance through the Present (4)
  • HUM 155 Global Humanities I (4) OR
  • HUM 156 Global Humanities II (4)


Required for Minor (21-22 credits)

Choose one:

  • ETHN 201W Perspectives on African Americans (3)
  • ETHN 202W Perspectives on American Indians (3)s
  • ETHN 203W Perspectives on Asian Americans (3)
  • ETHN 204W Perspectives on Latinos/Hispanics (3)

Choose one (in addition to general education requirements above):

  • HUM 150 Western Humanities I (4
  • HUM 151 Western Humanities II (4)
  • HUM 155 Global Humanities I (4)
  • HUM 156 Global Humanities II (4)

Choose one:

  • ETHN 400 Cultural Pluralism (3)
  • ETHN 410 Foundations of Oppression (3)

Choose one:

  • WOST 251 (3) – Coming of Age: Gender and Culture
  • HUM 281 (4) – Human Diversity and Human Traditions
  • HUM 282 (4) – Global Perspective and Humanities Traditions

Upper Level Requirements (choose one, total of 4 credits):

  • HUM 450 (4) – Humanities Seminar
  • ETHN 495 (4) – Selected Topics

Electives (3-4 credits):

Three to four credits of 300-400 level cources with advisor approval in the areas of ART, ENG, HIST, MODL, MUS, PHIL, or THEA.


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