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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Economics Program

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Economics is a social and behavioral science discipline that uses the scientific method from the natural and mathematics disciplines and its own unique perspective on how markets work to understand human rational decision making under constraints.

The economics program at MSU, M is taught by faculty members with varied and different interests, including: international trade, financial economics, industrial organization, environmental economics, sports economics, labor economics, public finance, international finance, and econometrics.

The program is fairly focused, requiring the completion of only thirteen courses (see curriculum) to attain a major in economics (B.A.), in addition to declaring a minor (in any discipline) and fulfilling a language requirement (8 credits). It includes core and elective courses that are standard in most undergraduate programs in economics in the United States. In addition, its economical credit requirements allow students to easily fit another major for a double major, or two minors. Specially for students contemplating a major in the College of Business, who must take ECON 201, ECON 202, and ECON 207 (Principles of Macro, Micro, and Statistics) as required courses toward any business major, it is easy to minor in Economics by taking three additional courses in Economics.

The economics program at MSU, M offers students a general and useful degree that suits many different career goals, yet it is also flexible enough to allow students interested in research at the undergraduate level to learn the skills to develop a solid and original quantitative paper.


Admissions to the MA program in Economics are currently suspended. Students may use economics courses as electives in other programs or as part of a Multidisiplinary Studies program.