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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Museum Studies Graduate Certificate

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The aim of this program is to provide a perspective on the theory and practice of museums in an expanding global environment of technological, social and political change for current and future museum professionals. It emphasizes the role of technology as a pervasive aspect in today's museum, examines new models of education, exhibition, and business strategies, and explores the role of the museum as an agent of social change. We welcome students interested in all types of museums including history, technology, science, art, special topic or themed museums, historic sites, national parks and zoos and those interested in exhibitions for corporations, government agencies and private organizations.

Common Core

Foundational Courses

(6 Credits)

  • AIS 555 - Museum Science and Representation (3)
  • ANTH 514 - Museology (3)

Expanded Courses

(Choose 9 Credits)

  • ANTH 515 - Cultural Resource Management (3)
  • ART 534 - Arts Administration (3)
  • MUSE 697 - Internship (1-6)
  • MUSE 699 - Individual Study (1-6)
  • NPL 673 - Nonprofit Management and Leadership (3)
  • PHIL 560 - Philosophy of the Arts (3)
  • URBS 553 - Grants Administration (3)

Gainful Employment Program

The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate is part of MNSU's Gainful Employment initiative, as regulated by the U.S. Department of Education. This program entitles you to have additional information provided to you about this certificate program. For more information follow these links: