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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Anthropology 480/580: Fieldwork in Archeology
May 21st to June 22nd, 2012: Site Survey in Red Wing


Application to take the field school has 2 parts:  1) a statement emailed by the student to the instructor that BRIEFLY explains your interest and experience in anthropology or archeology; and 2) for non-Minnesota State students only, application to the University (see below).  For non-Mankato Minnesota State students, follow the “Common Market” procedures that are detailed by your Registrar’s Office.  Enrollment for any Minnesota State student in any of the system campuses is very simple.

Generally, the only prerequisite is an introductory level anthropology course and advance class standing (i.e., 3rd year or higher).  These requirements can be waived by the instructor.  The course is offered for 6 undergraduate or graduate credits.  If you are a current MSU, M student with advanced standing, you may simply register for the course.

Tuition for the course varies depending on undergraduate/graduate status and residency and is listed in the table below.  THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL FEES FOR THE COURSE ITSELF.  The only additional expenses are for your field equipment and your food for the five weeks in the field.

Further information on residency, reciprocity, etc., can be found here.


Student type Tuition & Fees
Undergraduate in-state $1,697.94
Undergraduate Wisconsin $1,683.84
Undergraduate Midwest $2,447.52
Graduate (MN, WI, Midwest) $2,170.14