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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Aging Studies Internships

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The MSU gerontology student's internship serves to anchor classroom learning with practical experience in the field. An internship placement supports the student's chosen career direction and development. If a student is unsure about a specific career focus within the gerontology field, and internship can provide hands on experience that can help to focus the student's career direction. Each student's situation is unique, however, internships are usually set up in the second year.

Importance of Internship Experience within the MSU Aging Studies Program

The aging network is an essential element of the MSU Aging Studies Program. Internships are valuable opportunities to learn for the MSU intern as well as the community staff supervising the student. Organizations and agencies that agree to utilize intern talent and energy serve as mentors and role models in the gerontology field. A well planned and supervised internship experience serves as a framework for the student to apply and test what's learned in the classroom to the real world. When an intern successfully learns in a community internship setting within the aging network, it anchors the student's learning and strengthens the program's linkage with the larger community.

Questions to consider when deciding which internship experience is best

  • What are your specific learning goals at your internship work site?
  • What skills do you bring to the internship?
  • What skills would you like to acquire during this internship?
  • Does the internship support your overall MSU degree plan?
  • If the internship site is not in the same city where you reside, will commuting be a problem?
  • Does the prospective internship supervisor have the time to devote to you and your learning goals?

Internship Possibilities




  • Summit Center
  • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Laurel's Edge Assisted Living
    • Becklund Home Health Care, Inc
    • Cedar Haven Assisted Living
    • Oak Park Place Assisted Living
  • Nursing Homes
    • Sibley Manor Nursing Home
    • Hillcrest Health Care Center
    • Janesville Nursing Home
    • Mankato Lutheran Homes
    • St. Peter Alzheimer's Unit
  • Professional Case Management
    • Elder Care Services, Inc


  • Immanuel St. Joseph's Hospital
    • pastoral care program
    • neighborhood nurse program
    • hospice
  • St. Peter Community Hospital

Funeral Homes

  • Landkamer's Johnson-Boman Funeral Home
  • Mankato Mortuary
  • Woodland Hills Funeral Home

City/County Offices

  • Nicollet County Public Health
  • Blue Earth County Community Health

Local Not-For-Profits

  • United Way Agency

Tips for Successful Internships

  • If you do not see an agency or organization on this list that is of interest to you, explore creating your own internship within the community.
  • Interview prospective internship personnel/supervisors in advance to help you decide if there's a good fit between you and the organization.
  • Prepare an overview of your internship goals to take with you to the interview. Also, prepare a list of questions to ask the supervisor.
  • Find out if your interests and goals match the agency/organization's capacity to serve as a framework for your learning.
  • Will the staff have time to integrate you into the workplace? What are the supervisor's time constraints in terms of being available to you for supervised learning?
  • If you decide to accept an internship and things don't materialize the way you expected, speak up! Talk with your supervisor as soon as possible.