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Continuing Education Conference

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Undergraduate and Graduate Student Credit Option for Individual Study Involving Continuing Education Conference


We recognize that many valuable learning experiences take place outside of the classroom. In the field of aging, one of the unique opportunities available to students is participation in professional workshops and conferences. The workshops and conferences offer specialized knowledge and training in particular aspects of gerontology and/or geriatrics that complement classroom learning. However, it is not enough for students to just attend these conferences and workshops. They also need to be able to analyze the material presented, comparing and contrasting the conference material with current literature in gerontology, and considering its applicability to the field.

One Semester Credit Individual Study
Conference Option for Undergraduate and Graduate students

  1. Register for professional education workshop or conference offering specialized knowledge in some aspect of gerontology or geriatrics. This educational event must have prior approval of the faculty member under whom the individual study will take place.
  2. Prior to (or in some circumstances after, with permission of instructor) the conference, the student is to complete a brief annotated bibliography which highlights current literature relevant to the topic(s) to be presented. The length and content of this annotated bibliography is left to the discretion of the instructor, but it is recommended that it include a minimum of 5-10 sources.
  3. The student is to attend the entire conference and take notes on the presentation(s) which will allow completion of an analysis paper following the conference.

Undergraduate students only

Following the conference, the Undergraduate student is to prepare a brief of the conference, highlighting the major points and discussing application to the field. This application discussion is to include concrete ideas for using the conference materials in specific service programs for older adults. Recommended minimum length: 3 - 5 pages.

Graduate students only

Following the conference, the Grad student is to prepare a critical analysis of the conference, comparing and contrasting the information with related findings from the professional literature. It is recommended that the student integrate and analyze the works of at least five different researchers in this paper. The paper should also include an application section in which practical use of the conference information is discussed. Recommended minimum length: 8 - 10 pages.

Note: Registration for and completion of this individual study should be done in a timely manner. Exact time lines for completion of the assignments are to be negotiated between the instructor and the student. If the credit is taken under a department other than gerontology, a note signifying completion in accordance with these guidelines must be submitted to the Gerontology Director so it can be properly counted in student programs.

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