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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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The rapidly increasing number of elders in our population and the relative newness of gerontology as a field mean that there are multiple opportunities for innovative ideas and new products and services. Many people have started their own businesses, such as consulting with corporations about how to develop services or design products that would attract older consumers or providing such services and products directly to elders themselves. Other people have become continuing education instructors, recreation directors, gerontology in-service staff teachers, nursing home activity directors, adult education teachers and senior service educators.

MSU offers a 21-credit minor in gerontology, an educational program for licensure as a nursing home administrator in the state of Minnesota, a Master's Degree in Gerontology and a Certificate of Study in Gerontology at the graduate level.

Gerontology Minor

Requirements (Minimum of 21 credits for the Minor)

  1. All Gerontology minors must take Gerontology 200 (Aging: Interdisciplinary Perspectives). This course also satisfies the "Human Diversity" General Education requirement.
  2. Minors must also take 3 out of the following 4 core categories:
    • Sociology of Aging
    • Psychology of Aging
    • Aging Policy
    • Health and Aging or Biology of Aging
  3. Minors must complete at least 6 credits of electives, to be chosen from among the list of aging-related, elective courses already approved by the Gerontology Program. The 3-credit aging-related internship will be retained in this plan as a possible elective choice and students who complete an internship for their major with an older population will still be able to use that internship to satisfy both the requirement for their major and for the Gerontology minor.

If studying gerontology looks like something you would be interested in learning more about please contact MSU's Gerontology Program to set up a time to speak with the Program Director, Don Ebel, Ph.D., by calling 507-389-5188, emailing him directly at Please visit the Gerontology website often to find information that may help you as you learn more about gerontology and the abundant career opportunities available to students in this field.