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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Internship or Practicum:

Sociology Internship (Soc 497/697)
Gerontology Internship (Gero 497/697)
Sociology Internship for Non-Profit Leadership (Soc 497/697)
Nursing Home Administration Practicum (Gero 498/698)


To get started, review the syllabus, internship application and learning contract materials listed below.  Complete the Internship Application and make an appointment to review it with the Faculty Internship Coordinator. Think about the types of placements best for you and your professional goals.  Allow sufficient time for planning your internship, preferably a couple of months before you plan to register for the course.  Some internships, such as those with government agencies, take longer to arrange.  


Nursing Home Practicum:
Start with a meeting with the Faculty Internship Supervisor, who will help you find a practicum site that meets your needs.  Start early since local sites fill up quickly.


Note: Students may not register or start the internship or practicum without a contract or practicum agreement signed by the student, field supervisor and faculty supervisor. Hours worked at the site without having a signed contract and being registered cannot be counted toward fulfillment of the required hours for the internship or practicum.



Faculty Internship Supervisor:

Dr. Carol Glasser
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Corrections
113Y Armstrong Hall
Minnesota State University, Mankato 56001
Phone: 507-389-1345
Fax: 507-389-5615


Links and Documents

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Sociology/Gerontology 497: Undergraduate Internship Syllabus

Sociology/Gerontology 697: Graduate Internship Syllabus

Internship Application


Learning Contract Writing Instructions


Learning Contract Template


Keeping Good Journals


Internship Scholarship Available***

***Click on link to go to internship scholarship information page


Nursing Home Administration Practicum

Nursing Home Administration Practicum:

  1. Must have a signed contract between preceptor, MSU program supervisor, and the student.
  2. Contract should follow the requirements of the Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators. See their website at:
  3. Preceptor should complete the MSU evaluation form at the end of the practicum.

Links and Documents

Field Placement Sites