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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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College of Social and Behavioral Science Scholarships

Scholarships in Social & Behavioral Sciences listed below:

College-Wide Scholarships

  • Global Promise Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Robert D. Schmidt Family Scholarship
  • Andreas American Indian Student Scholarship
  • Raymond H. and Florence L. Sponberg Scholarship
  • Jean M. Nelson Scholarship
  • Bob Gottschald Scholarship Endowment

- Aging Studies -

  • Rose M. Hull Endowed Aging Studies Scholarship
  • The David and Darlene Janovy Summer Award for Research on Aging

- American Indigenous Studies-

  • Andreas American Indian Student Scholarship

- Anthropology-

  • David L. Andreas Anthropology Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Erickson Scholarship

- Economics -

  • E. Dale Peterson Endowed Economics Scholarship
  • Mohamed Askalani Memorial Economics Scholarship
  • Dr. Jang C. Jin Scholarship

- Ethnic Studies -

  • Timothy Price Ethnic Studies Scholarship
  • Ethnic Studies Achievement Scholarship
  • Ethnic Studies Academic Excellence Scholarship

- Gender & Women's Studies -

  • Grace E. Lundquist Undergraduate Women's Studies Scholarship
  • Grace E. Lundquist Graduate Women's Studies Scholarship
  • Ione Howe Louk Women's Studies Scholarship
  • Terri Taylor & Lucille Lorenzen Women's Studies Scholarship
  •  Dr. Paul Mittelstadt LGBT Scholarship

- Geography -

  • Bert E. Burns Geography Scholarship
  • Cora P. Sletten Geography Scholarship
  • Dr. Mary T. Dooley Geography Scholarship
  • George J Miller Endowed Geography Scholarship
  • James F. Goff Geography Graduate Research Award

- History -

  • David Taylor History Scholarship
  • William E. Lass Student Research and Writing Award
  • Department of History Scholarship
  • David Montgomery Scholarship

- Law Enforcement -

  • Frank A. and Marolin P. Korth Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • John Liebenstein Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • Carol and Mark Sletner Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • McCormick Family Study Abroad Law Enforcement Award
  • Peter J. Resch/Steven Johnston Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship
  • Dr. Colleen Clarke International Study Abroad Scholarship

- Political Science -

  • Truman and Reta Wood Scholarship
  • Winston W. Benson Political Science Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Ochsner Scholarship Endowed
  • McCormick Family Study Abroad Political Science Award

- Psychology -

  • School Psychology Belize Practicum Award (Doctoral Students)
  • Psychology Study Abroad Scholarship

- Social Studies -

  • Social Studies Education Alumni Scholarship
  • Social Studies Alumni Global Scholarship
  • Bob Gottschald Scholarship

- Social Work -

  • Social Work Alumni & Faculty Scholarship
  • Bill Anderson New Social Work Student Scholarship
  • Social Work (MSW) Social Justice Award
  • Minnesota Social Service Association (MSSA) Scholarship
  • Master's of Social Work (MSW) Scholar Award
  • Wayne and Carol Sandee Social Work Scholarship
  • Social Work Study Abroad

- Sociology & Corrections -

  • Boyd Duncan, Gustav Petterson, T.R. Schaffler Scholarship
  • Paul and Sheila Wellstone Nonprofit Leadership Scholarship