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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Careers in the Social & Behavioral Sciences

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Career/Internship Information

  • Career Spots: Short video clips with great advice for interviews, resumes, cover letters, researching companies, and much more!

  • Check out the College of Social & Behavioral Science’s Career & Internship Day!


Job search Information

  • Mav Jobs: lists a variety of job opportunities, in addition to news about employers who will be recruiting on campus and other useful career information.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: A great reference to learn about various careers. It includes information such as common job duties, salary ranges, and employment forecasts.

  • ISeek: Information about education and career opportunities in Minnesota.


Graduate Statistics 2013-2014


What Can I Do With a Major In…?

  • Check out the following links to explore potential careers, employers, and job preparation strategies for the majors in our college.

            - Anthropology                                                 - International Relations

            - Corrections                                                    - Law Enforcement

            - Earth Science                                                - Political Science

            - Economics                                                    - Psychology

            - Ethnic Studies                                               - Social Studies Education

            - Gender & Women’s Studies                         - Social Work

            - Geography                                                    - Sociology

            - History                                                           - Urban & Regional Studies                                                                    

* For more information check out MAVMajors INFO