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Advising Center
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

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Welcome to the SBS Advising Center. We serve as academic advisor for first year students, a resource for all students in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) regarding academic concerns, academic policies and procedures, general education advising, and referrals to other resources on campus.


Schedule an Appointment with the SBS Advising Center

To schedule an appointment online use [PDF] MavConnect. (481 KiB) You can also all 507-389-2416 or visit the Advising Center in Armstrong Hall 114 to schedule an appointment!

SBS Advising Center
114 Armstrong Hall

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Academic Advising Resources

Registration Video Resources

Short videos for students to use and locate important advising and registration information!

 Preparing for Graduation

You should begin your graduation preparation when you reach 90 total credits - typically this is one year before your anticipated graduation date. Once you reach 90 or more total credits take the following steps:

1. Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss:

  • Which major requirements you have remaining
  • When you can take those remaining requirements (consider required prerequisites and when the course will be offered)
  • What is required for any senior capstones, internships or portfolios (ask about timelines for these requirements as well) 

2. Meet with your College Advising Center to discuss:

  • Broad degree requirements (120 total credits, 40 upper-level, 2.0 local MSU and overall GPA, Diverse Cultures, Writing Intensive)
  • General Education requirements (44 total credits, 8/2 Rule, specific Goal Areas)

3. Complete a Graduation Application.
The deadlines for the graduation application are listed here, but we recommend applying as soon as you earn 90 credits. This application will prompt an official review of your degree and will result in a graduation evaluation letter issued to the student which lists any outstanding requirements for graduation.

4. Register for the Commencement Ceremony(if desired). Follow the steps list on the Graduation Services website for Preparing for Graduation.

5. Meet with the Career Development Center to start your job search. They can support you with:

  • Determining your career interests
  • How and where to search for jobs in your field
  • How to apply for jobs, create a resume and write cover letters
  • How to prepare for interviews

6. Complete your Financial Aid Exit Interview
if you received Federal Loans

7. Contact the College Advising Center if you have any questions about the graduation process broadly, or if you have specific questions about your graduation evaluation letter.


Academic Policies: Warning, Probation and Suspension

When a student drops below a 2.0 cumulative MSU GPA or a a 67% cumulative total credit completion rate, they are put on Academic Warning or Academic Probation.

What happens when I am on Academic Warning or Probation?

1. You will be notified of your warning or probationary status by e-mail from the Academic Vice President's Office.
2. The Social and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center will send a follow-up email with additional information about your next steps.
3. A registration hold for the following semester will be placed on your account.
4. You must meet with a College Advisor, your faculty advisor and you must complete an Academic Plan.
5. Your Financial Aid is on "WARNING" or "SUSPENSION". Please contact Campus Hub for details on your specific status.

Will I be suspended?

1. Bring your cumulative MSU GPA up to 2.0 and your total cumulative Completion Rate up to 67% (return to Good Academic Standing); or
2. Earn a term GPA of 2.5 and a term Completion Rate of 75% (continue on Academic Probation)

What happens if I am suspended?

1. You cannot attend MSU Mankato, or any other Minnesota State institutions, for one full calendar year.
2. Financial Aid is also "SUSPENDED".
3. You must apply for reinstatement if you apply to return (reinstatement) after a full calendar year. You can find the application here.
4. Financial Aid is not automatically continued if you decide to return from suspension. There is an appeal process but certain criteria must be met. The Financial Aid appeal process can be found [PDF] here (2 MiB).

How do my transfer credits impact my academic standing?

Transfer credits from other institutions are calculated as part of Satisfactory Academic Progress credit completion rate. Your total cumulative credit completion rate is considered for your Academic standing.

Transfer credits from other institutions are not calculated as prt of Satisfactory Academic Progress GPA. Only your local cumulative GPA (MSU GPA) is considered for your Academic standing.

Helpful Resources


Exploring Majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Learn about the all the undergraduate majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences by clicking here. 
  • What can I do with a major in? Use this resource to explore various careers or opportunities.
  • To learn more about our majors, schedule an appointment by calling 507-389-2416.