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Academic Advising

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Academic advising is an ongoing process with students to work with together to clarify goals, establish meaningful educational plans, effective use resources, and seek out opportunities. An advisor is assigned to students to answer a variety of academic-related questions. 

How does academic advising work in Social & Behvaioral Sciences?       

  • Once you declare a major in SBS you will be assigned a SBS faculty academic advisor.
  • Advisors assist SBS students with general education, diverse cultures, and writing intensive questions and requirements.
  • Assist in exploring classes needed for upcoming semesters.
  • Major/Minor questions or concerns.
  • Clarify graduation requirements and the process to apply for graduation. 
  • Inform students about campus resources available to them.


How to be assigned an SBS adivisor: 

1) Declare a Major by going to that department’s office

2) Locate who your assigned advisor is on your DARS 

3) Set up a meeting with your assigned academic advisor by stopping at the designated department, phone call, or e-mail


When should you see faculty/staff advisor vs. Advising “U” advisor?

                                Faculty/Program Advisor                                                              SBS Advising “U” Center
Major course/class advising & questions
General education questions/advising
Admission to major
General advising questions
Internships/career fields
Support and tutoring resources on-campus
How to get involved in major
Transferring courses
Research opportunities
Questions about applying for graduation
Study abroad opportunities
Exploring other majors/minors in SBS
**We recommend that each students meets with their advisor once a semester at least. It is important to consult with them prior to registering for classes for the upcoming semester. This way the advisors can ensure that the student is selecting courses that they need. 

How to prepare to meet with your faculty/staff advisor:

  1. Schedule an appointment with them by calling or stopping in to the correct office.
  2. Know what you want to discuss with them. Write down your questions ahead of time.
  3. Bring your DARS and/or transcript to the meeting and whatever other materials that will be useful for the meeting.       
  • Advising Tools and tips
  • Advising Conversations by Year

   How to schedule an appointment with Advising “U” center:

  •          Stop in our office at 114 Armstrong Hall
  •          Call our office at 507-389-2416


  • How do I get upper division permission (300-400 level courses)?
o   Permission is granted from your declared major department.
o   Note: Must be accepted into program to have permission
  • How do I change my major?
o   To declare a major go to the respective department office
  • How do I change my advisor?
o   You may request a different advisor at the department office of your major.
  • When should I apply for graduation?
o   1 calendar year before you intend to graduate (around 90 credits)

Additional Information

  • SBS student support resources
  • CSBS Study abroad scholarships
  • Not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress
o   Academic Warning/Probation/Suspension [PDF] Policy (85 KiB)
o   Satisfactory Academic Standards for [PDF] Financial Aid (2 MiB)
  • Undergraduate Academic Bulletins 
  • Assistance regarding how to view your DARS, transcripts, advisor, prerequisites, registering   for classes, and transferology can be found here