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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Academic Advising

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Major advising for students is done at the department level in order to give students the opportunity to speak with an experienced faculty member within their chosen department and to obtain advising directly from the source of the major. An academic advisor is assigned to each student who declares their first major to be in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Your SBS faculty academic advisor will be critically important to a successful academic experience, and you are encouraged to meet with your advisor frequently and to develop a positive working relationship with your advisor.


Step 1: Declare a Major: To declare a major go to the respective department office.

Step 2: Find out who your assigned SBS academic advisor is: To find your SBS academic advisor go to the department office of your chosen major and inquire about your assigned academic advisor.

  •  You can also log on to E-services and see who your current advisor is.
    • After the log-in screen, click Grades and Transcripts on the left menu
    • Click Interactive Degree Audit
    • After your DARS has been processed and a new window opens, the top of the page should list your current advisor

Step 3: Meet with your assigned academic advisor: To meet with your advisor contact the department office, or email your advisor directly to set up an appointment.


Why the Emphasis on Meeting with Your Academic Advisor?

  • To assist you in selecting courses each semester
    • Your academic advisor will be the expert on helping you find the class schedule that will help you earn your degree.
    • Your academic advisor may refer you to Advising "U" to assist in answering questions about General Education and Diverse Cultures requirements.
  • To have a resource to challenge you and monitor your academic progress
  • To help explore career and internship opportunities
  • To answer questions about career prospects or graduate school

Students Please Note:

  • You may receive permission to take upper division classes (numbered 300-400) once you have completed 32 semester hours and have a GPA of 2.0 or greater. Check with your advisor to learn if there are additional requirements to be admitted to your major or program.
  • You may request a different advisor for whatever reason you may have. You can make the request at the department office of your major.
  • Your academic advisor may refer you to Advising "U" (student relations office) for information regarding General Education and Diverse Cultures requirements. Advising "U" will not answer advising questions specific to majors or minors.
  • There are specific policies and procedures for students who do not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. SBS students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress work with Advising "U" throughout the semester.
    • [PDF] Academic Warning/Suspension/Probation Policy: (85 KiB) Information regarding satisfactory standards for academic performance at Minnesota State University-Mankato. If you are on academic warning or have been suspended, information regarding procedures for reinstatement to the university are also provided.
    • Satisfactory Academic Standards for Financial Aid: (broken link) Information regarding satisfactory academic standards to maintain financial aid status at Minnesota State University-Mankato. If you will have your financial aid suspended, procedures regarding the appeal process are provided.
  • Undergraduate Academic Bulletins: A general catalog of information regarding curricula, fees, policies and procedures. Information regarding General Education and Diversity classes for the year you started at the university. From the current year through 2002 bulletins are available online
  • GPA Calculator: Great tool to see how you are doing this semester!
  • Schedule Builder: Helps you plan out (and/or register) your classes and time for the semester.