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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Advising Forms

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This page provides a list of common advising forms used by undergraduate advisors throughout the semester. Most of these forms (and additional information related to these forms) are found on the Office of the Registrars website. More information on the policies related to these forms can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.


Forms Description of Forms
[PDF] Academic Forgiveness (48 KiB) One time application to remove prior grades to establish a new GPA
College of Business (COB) Forms  Student’s whose major and/or minor requires courses in the COB may have to fill out the Pre-Req Override, GPA Override, and/or Request for Upper Division Courses
Credit Overload Form Student request to take more credits than 18 credits a term
General Education, Diverse Cultures, and Writing Intensive Appeal Used by students who wish to appeal to include a course that is not listed within General Education or Diverse Cultures Graduation Requirements to their General Education or Diverse Cultures categories
[PDF] Grading Method Change Appeal (282 KiB) Used by students to appeal the grading method of a course
Graduation Application (Online) Application student submits one year before graduation to have credits evaluated for graduation.
Registration Appeal (Online Form)- Find Registration Appeal and click link
Appeal to add/drop/withdraw from courses after the deadline
Repeat Course Form Form student fills out to process a repeated course
Repeat Policy Appeal Form Used by a student to appeal for a chance to take the course a fourth time
Student Athlete Add/Drop Request Student athletes must fill out this form to add/drop courses after registration
Substitution/Waiver Form (Form available in the Office of Registrar) Used to substitute or waive courses/credits for an individual student in a major or minor
Suspension Reinstatement Application and/or Appeal Form Used by suspended students applying or appealing to return to the University for academics. THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL AID SUSPENSION APPEAL
[PDF] Transfer Course Equivalency Form (430 KiB) This form is submitted to the respective academic department to request that classes taken at another institution be accepted for equivalent credit at MSU Mankato
Official Withdrawal from University
[PDF] Medical Verification Form (if needed) (163 KiB)

Process for students withdrawing from all semester courses.



*The following information is updated on a semester basis. Please contact the SBS Advising Center if a link is no longer working.