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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Board Lectureship

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2015: “Cutting Edge: Social Sciences as a Path to Success,” by Social Work alumna, Rhoda Olsen.

2014: [PDF] Communicating Sever Weather: The convergence of Social Sciences and Meterolgoy (3 MiB), Presented by Daniel Dix

2012: [PDF] Homeless in Minnesota: A Panel Presentation (245 KiB), Panelists: Julie Caraway-Jensen, Andy Elofson, Molly Norris, Kate Hengy-Gretz and Tammy Weisenberger. Moderator: Susan Taylor


2010: [PDF] The Importance of Understanding American Indians: Past and Present (324 KiB), Presented by Roger White Owl


2008: [PDF] Methamphetamine and the Plague of Addiction (4 MiB), Presented by Susan Gaertner


2006: [PDF] The Triumph of Human Spirit (478 KiB), Presented by Alan Stefani, Rick Wahtera, and Carol Sletner of the Roseville Police Department.


2013: [PDF] Welcome Home Veterans.... Now What? (156 KiB),
Moderator: Dan Benson, Panelist: dr. Norman Baer, Kelli Damlo, Patrick McCormick, Luke Weinandt, Reggie Worlds.


2011: Exploring the Culture of Bullying: A Panel Presentation , Panelists : Jessica Flatequal, Sergeant Joshua Lego, Dr. Walter Roberts and Joshua Maudrie, Moderator: David Cowan


2009:[PDF] Banning Cluster Bombs and Landmines: Realistic Vision or Pipe Dream (1 MiB), Presented by Professor Virgil Wiebe

2007: [PDF] The Terrorist Threat: An Insider’s Perspective (2 MiB), Presented by Tom Maertens

2005: [PDF] Six Months Across the Arctic: Delivering an Adventure Learning Program to Millions of Students from a Tent (137 KiB), Presented by Dr. Aaron Doering

2003: [PDF] Discovering the Wonder of Iranian Culture and Traditions (414 KiB), Presented by Mehr “Jay” Shahidi